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  1. Tavil

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    Im finding myself unable to muster up the inner drive and motivation to get on with my life.
    I know i need to go to college, but i just dont feel like it and im starting to wonder if i ever will.

    Im already 25 and i havent accomplished anything. I haven't even moved out of my parents house for heaven sake..

    Of course that brings me to another question as to why im trying so hard to find love. Who could love someone who has no desire to make himself better?
    I cant even find people to be my friend, let alone a girlfriend.

    I must be fooling myself.
    Their must be something mentally wrong with me.
  2. shades

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    I would need to learn alot more about your childhood and family dynamic to try and give you any answers, but you cerainly have plenty of time to make friends and girlfriends and lovers. If you wish to discuss privately feel free to pm me at any time.

  3. Acy

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    Hiya, Tavil.

    I'm sorry you're struggling so much these days. Lack of motivation is fairly common in depression. Have you seen your doc to find out if there's a physical cause for your mood? Doc can also prescribe anti-depressants if s/he feels you need them, and might recommend therapy.

    I know it's not easy when we feel blah and unmotivated, but sometimes forcing ourselves to "just do" some activity makes us refocus and come out of the blahs a bit. Doing nothing has certainly made me feel more stuck in a rut at times, so I think if you can, doing "something" might help. Are there any courses, hobbies, sports that you could consider doing?

    As for wanting to be loved...I think we all want that.

    One way to look at joining in activities or taking a course is that those are ways to meet new people :) And who knows, you might meet the person of your dreams. :wink:

    I hope you're feeling better soon.