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  1. It's happened again, right now I can't deal with the verbal abuse she likes to give me. It changes me. I was ok right before she started it. Now I feel nervous, panicky & unhappy.... very unhappy... extemely unhappy... deathly unhappy. My atitude changed from ok to bad very quickly and as much control as I have I can't leave the bad...,. can't go back to ok. I regret ever being born. It does not help that she swallowed a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and went on about how I'm an idiot because poison control did not put thier phone # on the bottle of peroxide. Meanwhile I know a serious reaction: uncontrolled vomiting, passing out/falling over or crying/screamin in pain. None of that went on. When I got poison control on the phone they said it was nothing. They said to drink water. So I'm to blame for her stupidity(she is on valium, in the bathroom where there is no light on & she just grabbed what looked like a bottle of water to her-possibly to swallow more pills-then spit most of the peroxide out)??? I can't go on like this. I'm tired of her, far too tired to go on living. Not like this. :sad: And I can't stop considering every possible method that I currently have at my disposal.
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    Take a breather,slow down please are you ok?What's happened?If you need to call emergency please do just try to stay calm.
  3. Yeah, calm is not an option here..... however I am too tired to do anything but sit here and post over the net. I've been awake/sober far too long, I feel like a zombie..... and I love zombies!

    "The ragged they come &
    The ragged they kill...
    You pray so hard
    On bloody knees
    Something, something
    You cry out loud?
    The howl of the dead
    Triumphantly" Rob Zombie :rockon:
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    I know it's hard JANIV I really do,do you have any med's to make you sleep or calm down a little?As obviously you're very distressed and down.I know that feeling that you feel so defeated and nothing's worth going on,can you get yourself to an emergency department or try to take thing's as slow as you can.
  5. I have decided to leave immediately for the ER. My outpatient doc is quite risky with my mentality by stopping all my meds like he did. My state is the 3rd worst state in the US when it comes to treating mental health issues.
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