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Drown Oneself in the lake

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First I wanna say that I'm not from the U.S., U.K. or any other English speaking country, so I beg you to please have understanding for my awful English.

Anyways I have thought of drown myself. I live in Sweden and it very cold to today, so my question is simple. How long does it take til' I die? 10 hours? 20 hours? <mod edit: Malcontent - method>

Please help me with this, I'm really serious. I think the question is important because I don’t want to be “rescued”. Say I think that I will die after 10 hours, and then it isn’t that way, I don’t wanna wake up in the hospital! I’m serious.
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This is a pro-life site, so we wont help you kill yourself. And to be honest, no one can give you a definite answer to your question anyway.

Why do you want to die so much? Talk out your feelings here, what can it hurt?

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This site is "pro-life," so members aren't allowed to discuss suicide methods, sorry.

But feel free to rant and rave and welcome to SF. And your English isn't that bad at all. At any rate it beats the hell out of my Swedish. :smile:


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Wow, I think your English is excellent, sounds like you are from an English speaking country! :ohmy: :smile:

And yes, I'm sorry but we can't answer your question, all we can do is help you to live not die.
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