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  1. The_Discarded

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    He really can't swim.
    But they put him in the middle of problems anyway
    And expect him to float back up.

    I don't think they know.

    He's strong and sturdy as a thoroughbred horse
    He's got the mind
    to win any fucking derby that he so decides.

    But he really can't swim.
    So I'm not sure what they thought they were doing.

    I suppose it was inevitable.

    I told him to dive right in, head first.
    And teach himself.

    "Dive, like the unpredictably talented horse that you are.
    Dive, horse!"


    I think his father left them during dinner, one night.
    He flipped the table or something.

    That's why there's this stain on his favorite shirt
    Disdain on his shirt.

    Maintaining his hurt

    He told me that wasn't true.
    That it really wasn't that bad.
    Not that big of a deal.
    Nothing worse than the beatings
    Nothing worse than the ignorant hate on his cultura suramericana
    Or the ignorant hate on his sexuality
    Nothing worse than watching his mother violated
    Nothing worse than fading into the background of a confused society
    Nothing he couldn't handle.

    I told him to be smart about it
    I told him to throw that damned shirt away

    Bad memories don't need to stick around

    That's why I left.

    That's why he drowned.
  2. ybt

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    your friend did it?? oh god, rae, i'm so sorry... :hug:
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