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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by 1112, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. 1112

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    Drowning..... slowly sub-coming never forgetting, while simultaneously unchanging. You feel like letting go, feel like all love is lost, no matter how much love there is to start. She was the one, the only one. Complicated since the start, with friends involved in all areas, why would you start? Its something you can't control. Love is a powerful emotion, you wish you never knew her, you wish this didn't happen. It hurts so bad, you can't be together...we can't be together. No matter how much we want it, friends from the past haunt my emotions. It can never be. I feel like I'm drowning.... losing hope, losing faith, losing everything that once mattered in my life. Don't give up. NEVER GIVE UP. Born with a cleft lip, keep my emotions in check, never try to flip. Maybe this is the reason of my pain, a simple birth defect.... given at birth, made to believe I'm not even from this earth. Their eye's they judge, never unnoticed, until her. The girl it will never work with. The one. The one that makes you feel like your drowning. At peace with this world she makes you feel like you matter. She makes you feel like there was no birth defect. You are accepted, you are ONE. If only she felt the same, at one point she did, but to proud to admit it. DROWNING, It's you all alone once again. There is true love, unfortunately its never mutual, one always cares more than the other, one is always drowning, fighting for air, love, attention. We want to live not drown, we fight we struggle just to find that TRUE love. Its there if only we could all find it.
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    Dear bigt,

    I am so sorry your search for love has not been fruitful....at this point, I hope you hold on tight when you find people who accept you for who you are. Looking back, I can understand how you might feel trapped inside your high school years. What a difficult transition it must be for you. :( As a new college student, I get the feeling that the college atmosphere is such a different animal when compared to high school....in a general sense, personal growth, responsibility and independence are now among the focuses, and the image of high school and its ways fades away like a rear-view mirror.

    Ending on a high note, you articulate your words very well....I wish you much healing and self-love. Until we meet again here, take care and keep writing. :hug:

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    Took me a while to find this post/website after breaking my other laptop with it bookmarked. Time does help heal wounds. I'll never forget, but never dwell on the past. Everyone's future CAN be bright. Its what YOU make of it.
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    :hug: this has so much emotion. ty for sharing.
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    I really appreciate the feedback guys! I'll try to break it down by lines soon to make it more poetic and do a few touches to it.
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