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lost soul

I hate this life so much.

I went to the dr's today and told her what was what. She knows I have recently tried to take my own life and still she does it.

I told her that I cant go to the dr's for another 4-5 wks and asked for pills to cover it. I dont know why I did it, I think it was a spur of the moment kind of thing. I dont think I thought she would prescribe so many, but she never questioned it.

Now I have been to the pharmacy I am slowly regretting it as I am feeling the urge to take them all and there is a lot. I dont know what to do to stop the thought, I have tried distracting myself, but it is so hard. The urge is so strong.

I feel so pathetic and so selfish whinging and whining like this, and feel that I am no good for a site like this. I dont feel like I contribute enough to help others. :sad:
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Throw them away. Or ask a family member/friend to look after them for you.

Don't feel pathetic or selfish. You're not whinging. And in any case, isn't this what this forum is for? To come and talk about things you can't talk about in real life?
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