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  1. J_Oli3

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    Alcohol has been part of culture for hundreds of years, Smoking came in when no one knew the effects, the other drugs were made illegal before they excelled too much, before they became accepted and wanted on the same scale, therefore controlling the culture. Smoking and drinking became too big a part of our community to be taken away. Legalising other drugs will encorage more people to get in on them and we do not want new problem areas or to encorage young people to try other things.

    Some, including alcohol, are fine in moderation, you could say "safe", when it is used excessively and becomes an addiction it becomes a problem and it would be idiotic to open up and allow other drugs a chance to become open to all the public.

    Drug abuse is the biggest cause of crime in this country, what it leads to and leads people to do, that includes alcoholism.
  4. lonercarrot

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    Marijuana is probably the safest and least toxic drug in the world. For god sakes, you can overdose by drinking too much water, but it is impossible to OD by smoking weed... There's no reason marijuana should be illegal. It really pisses me off

    But the real issue isn’t if drugs are safe or harmful. What matters is, are things better by keeping drugs illegal? And the cold hard truth is, (even if you hate drugs and are against drug-use) no.
  5. fromthatshow

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    Very interesting.
  6. Axiom

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  7. Issaccs

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    I really do feel for this sorry for this guy.
    If he was working for a pharmaceutical company and they sacked him for telling the truth he would be capable of sueing them for a ridiculous sum of compensation.
    Instead he has been outed of a job, although I hope and am sure he will bounce back into another and no one will really care that the governments admitted that it tells lies to the population about socially sensitive issues AND that it will punish anyone willing to reveal them.
    However, no one will care in two weeks time because the majority of people have had their entire lives being bombarded with propaganda about any drug taking being an evil all destroying force of doom sent to blight the population into a third world country while drinking a bottle of wine every night and three on a Saturday is quite normal and alcohol never hurts anyone and when it does, we try not to talk about it.
  8. anonymous51

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    Apparantly alcoholic drink distributors were funding campaigns in British newspapers to have the possession of ecstasy a more serious crime. Couldnt come up with proper evidence though.

    In personal experience alcohol has had a much more dangerous effect on me than any other drug has :unsure:
  9. XXXXX

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  10. lonercarrot

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    Actually, just reading over my post, there is one reason that explains why weed is illegal here in Canada.

    America has said (threatened) that if Canada were to ever legalise Marijuana, imports from Canada would suffer greatly and security at the boarder would be raised a lot... Thanks, America :dry:
  11. Ziggy

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    I've known several people who have enjoyed taking ecstasy, but have felt unnaturally depressed or suicidal several days later. I can't imagine riding a horse has that effect.
  12. anonymous51

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    He meant taking ecstasy was safer, not that it had similar effects.
  13. Ziggy

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    How is it safer? Let's say somebody takes ecstasy and then hangs themselves several days later. You could say that the ecstasty didn't kill them and so it's perfectly safe. You can play about with words and statistics but I'm not sure there's enough evidence to say whether it's safer or not.
  14. Issaccs

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    You can say the same about alcohol. Infact, anti depressants often cause suicidal thoughts in people who take them, despite having quite the opposite effect on the majority who took the drug.
    Theirs not much of a cause to ban those though now is their.
    That said, its believed their is actually a legitimate medical use for MDMA and was used for psychological treatment before it was banned.

    As it stands, MDMA causes very few deaths and I'd be curious out of how many legitimate Ecstasy deaths the victims had taken pills which had been laced with other toxins during production)
  15. Axiom

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    To me compareing ecstasy and horse riding is a inappriopriate comparison. Im all for drugs personally, but I know when valid arguments are made for them, and when they aren't. If you're talking about drugs effects/deaths, you have to stay in those areas where it's a chemical comparison not a overiew on just deaths. They're could be more kids choking on lego than the deaths related to ecstacy for all we know. But it's a weak weak comparison, and its insulting to use that as the backbone to legalizing it or at the least just appricating it's effect on people.
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