Drugs are crap

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    You know why anti depressants don't work? Because they don't address the reasons for why you are depressed unless it is purely chemical thing, but for many of us it is much much more.

    When I started Zoloft it made me feel a lot better. I was happier then I had been in years, I had a lot more energy and was looking forward to the future.
    However as time went on I realized how nothing had changed. I still had severe anxiety. I still had no one close to me & I still couldn't do anything about it no matter what I tried.

    Once you get to this point, your previous depression returns stronger then ever & the running mind is going faster and faster.

    You see yourself as an even greater failure. You couldn't do shit while on the medicine in addition to therapy? There is no hope! You are doomed, you might s well just end it now because you know nothing can help you. These thoughts and many more circle around in your head and it just gets worse and worse and worse. If there are any friends in your life they start to distance themselfs or leave. No one likes being around a complete wreck who is never any fun to be around and just stands there saying nothing more then yes no & okay.

    Or atleast that is my experience. I don't think that any ammount of Zoloft would help me.
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    I hear there's drugs to help out on social anxiety, anxiety in general. Sorry I have no knowledge about anything, but people here certainly do. Why not try other drugs aside from Zoloft? There's people here that take two or more medications. Give it a try.
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    It's worth a shot trying a different med that may work better for you.
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    Try prozack.