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  1. blade

    blade Well-Known Member

    ive been thinking of injecting morphine adn other drugs into myself. my mum works in a place like a hospial , she has injections and stuff. ive been injected before not that ive never done it and i want to. ive even <mod edit: bunny - method> in my arm ( on shoulder).

    in chemists u get injections in a pac. i just want to finish my life.
    i get blamed for things i do, that i understand, but i also get blamed for things i dont do. ahhhhhhhh.
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  2. consciousinsane

    consciousinsane Well-Known Member

    I don't have anything comforting to say. I know what your feeling though. I wish I could go back a few years in time when I had access to some pretty strong drugs. What we going to do though? Killing ourselves will not solve anything. In my opinion it will just lead from from hell to another. Speaking of hell, I have to leave now to go see my Psychiatrist.

    Good luck, and stay safe.
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