drunk again

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    hey its me i am drunk once more i really think i am drunk enough to kill my self tonight but the only thing i am worried about is my friend roslynd i really really like her but i havent told her yet i was supposed to see her tonight but she went out and did stuff with her mom instead so i dont know if i should wait till i see her again and say good bye or just do it now. i really want to kill my self right now cause i just tested my pain tolerence lvl and i cant realy feel much pain right now so i may do it tonight maybe i know i post here a lot saying i will kill myself and i know i never do but i dont kow what is holding me back i really really want to maybe its just they girl i like roslynd that is holding me back maybe i really think i have a chance with her i dont know but i really want to kill myself tonight cause i got a really high tollerance to pain right now i just need to know if tonight is a good night?