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    This being St. Patricks day and all I am remembering the amazing time I had in Dublin years ago.

    I was so happy there... I met only nice people. I was there on a school trip when I was 18... and I have so many good memories... from dancing with street musicians, to being serenaded on guys on a stag night, to just seeing the beautiful city and talking to a lot of kind strangers...
    And I got my first tattoo there... a black rose on my wrist, with a drop of blood on a leaf. (I only after realized what bloody roses could mean in Irish history. Yikes...). It had whole other meanings for me.

    A town's got my heart,
    And all I've got now,
    Is this bloody rose,
    Sitting on my wrist.
    Though, I do kiss it and smile,
    For the memories do live on.
    In such a place I felt so free,
    I danced the streets at night,
    I laughed along the river,
    Serenaded by happy drunkards...
    Tasted the best it had to offer,
    The black gold,
    And I vowed to return,
    Oh I know I will too,
    To the place I smiled,
    And learned strangers could be kind...
    So I'll raise a toast today,
    and caress this bloody rose;
    The permanent mark,
    The city left on me...
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Thread Status:
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