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  1. itmahanh

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    Pathetic. Yet another false alarm. But a big thank you to Acy and the rest of admin for informing the members here.

    In September, a post notified members that “letty” had passed away. We have now learned from a 100% reliable and credible source that letty is actually alive. Letty’s death, as described in threads on SF, was faked.

    I can't comprehend what goes through a person's mind to create such dilemma and then stick around to see what kind of a response they get from other members. To say the individual is "sick" is utterly unfair to others that truly suffer from mental and or physical health issues. But it's here, in print for the world to see. If it's some sort of adrenaline rush you're looking for, try bungee jumping from a short bridge with a long cord. Don't come around here to feed some desperate need for attention. It may get your rocks off, but it really hurts and damages things like trust for members that really need to be here for support and comfort. I suggest trying Facebook. Hell, you have a much bigger audience and let's see how far you take it when it's with people and family that know you IRL. Two little words seem to fill the bill in situations like these ...grow up!

    All I can say, if you believe in it...karma finds you in the end.
  2. WildCherry

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    *nods* Things I'v been feeling since we found out but wasn't able to put into words. It's the cruelest of lies that can be told.
  3. MoAnamCara

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    It is incredibly sad to play with others emotions when they, themselves, are fragile.
  4. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I dealt with a massive troll once, and he did nothing but want to hurt me. But people don't have to be trolls to hurt you...I still have people making me feel worse about myself, and making me want to kill myself even more. I thought this place was for support, not to tear others down. Don't know why I come here if I'm going to end up crying and made to feel worse about myself. It shouldn't be that way at all.
  5. itmahanh

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    This place IS for support. And that is what you need to use it for. Support. Post and read the replies you get. Use the information you can and throw out the rest. Only you can decide what is helpful and what isn't for your situation. In other words...use the help and ignore the drama. If you don't then the drama only makes you feel worse. Focus on you and get better. And offer advice that you can to try and help another member. Sort of like a pass or play it forward scenario. Just giving some help to someone else that you can understand their pain, can take you a long way towards feeling much better about yourself. Most members here only mean good. The others are just a waste of your time hun.
  6. itmahanh

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    It's not only sad but really cruel and sick. Hope any other trolls and those only here to stir up shit know they are being watched and their days are number. So move on before you are forced to. Drama...meh.
  7. flowers

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    I honestly do not understand how someone can do that. Is there any way of finding out who pretended to be Letty? Saying she was Letty's sister? The person who did that needs help. Because this is very awful to do to people.
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  8. total eclipse

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    I wish she could get help she needs really i hold no hatred towards her she needs help and a lot of it i don't judge anyone i cant' i have been thinking i would email her but i have not yet i don't know if she is physically ill or not with the illness she said but if she does have it maybe in her mind she is dead already
    Don't get me wrong what she did play with our emotions wow but why why does someone do that they have to be mentally so mentally ill they have to be
  9. windlepoons

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    'Letty' and I emailed for over a year, we even exchanged gifts. She sent me one first, so I had no issues sending her one back.
    I am gutted, yes but on the other hand I am glad that the person I thought Letty was is not dead.

    What did she get out of it? I am confused, people are just weird.
  10. itmahanh

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    Well I can't be that gracious. I'm angry with him/her and anyone else that pulls that kind of crap. Maybe they need help, but certainly not here. It destroys trust that is in small quantities around here. People come here for support and help. They don't need to have BS posted. Already vulnerable, now they get caught up in the "drama". Putting their needs behind them and wasting their precious time caring about someone that doesn't need it. Then, to have their hearts broken thinking that someone they tried to care about is "dead". That is just sick. Because a person can't feel good enough about themselves IRL they come here and deliberately set out to hurt others. And that is all that it is. An intention to hurt others. And we fall for it. I know I have once too many times. It finally opened my eyes. But it changed me too. I trust no one. Not even myself most times. The worst part is that those that get caught up in the scenario, they usually get no closure on the "death" of this imaginary person. So I've become what so many others call selfish. I look out for myself first, then worry about others.
    I'm glad that you can still care and worry about this person. Me, I can't. Trust! Now how do I believe that person may really of been ill in the first place? Just more BS until it can be proven otherwise. Me, I say good riddance and don't come crawling back...ever.
  11. itmahanh

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    I'm sorry the person used your emotions. I know the confusion you're feeling. The deepest hurt I felt came from members that I started to communicate with off site. Emails. Phone calls. Actually meeting in person. I repeat...the site is for peer support. Get it. But don't do anything more than that. Chances are good that you're only going to get hurt, bad. The reason sites work so well on the internet is because everyone can be as anonymous as they like. AND they can be whoever they want too. You will never know until it's too late to stop being hurt.
  12. Witty_Sarcasm

    Witty_Sarcasm Eccentric writer, general weirdo, heedless heathen

    That is good advice, but I don't feel I deserve the help. When you get called a succubus and told you're possessed by demons by someone you consider a close friend, it really makes you wonder about things. That is by far the worst thing I've been told on here so far. If my FRIENDS think that way of me, I can only imagine what those who dislike me must feel. I could help others, but I'm not good at that anymore. I'm not good at anything, and maybe I'm just wrong for being here in the first place.
  13. total eclipse

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    i am numb ok just numb that all i feel nothing but that is good well sadness to just when i allow emtions to come i guess i just cannot know what it is like to be so desperate and i agree this person has hurt many here thought only of themselves and that is sad because that person has noone now

    i was going to email Letty on her private email but then i thought no don't feed into it anymore let it die
  14. Terry

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  15. itmahanh

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    Oh eclipse...you are so kind to so many others here. Please be just as kind to yourself.
  16. windlepoons

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    Me too, and you are right it is best left in the past now. I will not be able to trust anything she says so why bother.
    itmahanh, you have a point but like others here my mental health means it is almost impossible to form friendships in the real world.
    Witty_Sarcasm, wow that is a strange thing for someone to say. Please do not leave.