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  1. hey folks, well this is hard to explain and proberly in the wrong section because im stupid and wasnt sure where to put it so feel free to move it

    Anyway! I found something out which could land me in hospital (which i want) its very hard to explain and sounds VERY weird and stupid so bare with me lol

    Alrite if i control my breathing (holding it in, letting it out slowly whislt forming up a burp and holding it in) my whole stomach feels like someone is stabbing me in the stomach,violently shaking and i vomit alot. Ive been doing the controlled breathing for bout half an hour and im shaking and feel a lil sick. If i carry on i will black out and be put in the hospital. Ive only done this once in the past but not on purpose and my ex wife paniced and rang for an ambulance and they put me on meds for a few months and told it shouldnt happen again. How wrong was they!

    it sounds like im just lying and it sounds beyond rediculous but i swear it happens! Whats actually happening to me? When i was in the hospital before they said it was a viral infection but now i know it isnt im totally clueless what it is

    Reason why i want to be put in hospital is because i just want to suffer, cutting is just not doing it for me anymore
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    That does sound kind of strange. One shouldn't be able to make yourself throw up from holding in burps.
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