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  1. Marshmallow

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    On sunday my brother text me, I don't get on well with my brother, never have done. Hes 18. He texte me asking for a womans number out of my mums phone. I asked him who's number it was. Turns out to be my dads sisters.

    The situation with my dad is too long to explain, basically i haven't seen him in over 18 years? or so. The closest people to me will know what happened with my dad.

    My brother wants to get in contact with my dads sister. Then wants to find him. My mum told my brother that my dad has two sons. she didn't tell me fuck all and its made me so damn angry.

    I have no idea what i'm meant to do or feel. what if he does get in contact with him again? then some way hes back in my life.

    My brother wants to find him because he says no one else cares about him and to be honest i think IF he does find him that our dad is not gonna want anything to do with him and thats gonna push my brother over the edge. (hes suicidal and self harms)

    So i've gotta get this number (which i have) and i've gotta decide wether to give it to my brother (which i think im gonna do) and then decide if he does find him if i want anything to do with him.

    And apparently a trust find was set up (which i think may be bull shit cos that family lied) for me and my brother. I think im gonna look into that.

    On top of all this all i can think about is that if i look into any of this that its gonna break my mums heart.

    :sad: :cry: :sad:
  2. Sa Palomera

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    I'm so sorry that all this is happening now, Viks :hug:
    It must bring back all kinds of bad memories :sad:

    I don't know much to say here now, but you know how to reach me if you want to talk about it :hug:
  3. ~PinkElephants~

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    To be honest I'd give him the number viks. He's an adult and needs to decide whether or not he wants to get into contact with people. The thing is if he does find out his dad wants nothing to do with him then try to support him and help him through. I know you don't get along with him too well but still try to show him he's not alone in things.

    As for the trust fund, if you have doubts then I would look into it. Just to be sure and just so you can find out hte truth in things. Best of luck viks.

  4. *dilligaf*

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    firstly ur mum- u need to stop worrying about your mum as much and consider what YOU want to do darling. you're mum will have to deal with whatever you decide.

    as for your brother- i agree you should give him the number, if he wants to get in touch with your dad then i think that's his right.....DOESNT mean you have to though darling.

    deffo look into the trust fund, i'll come that place with you tomorro if you want still? it never hurts to find out, and atleast that will be one less thing for you to worry about.

    i dunno what to say..i know how you are feeling about all this and i dunno how to make it better for you...but please know i am here for you whenever you want.

    please FOR ONCE think about YOU, no one else.

    love you loads sweetheart. xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Marshmallow

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    jsut gave him the number :unsure:
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    Now your part in this is done, for now. You have no need to contact him or have him contact you. It is your brother that needs that and wants that. But you should be there for him if he needs you once he finds out things aren't what he wanted them to be. Be stong vikki and remember all the friends you have here that will help you through anything. Good luck hun!