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dunno what to say...i just want out..

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I don't know where to start... what to say...im hurt... the person i love the most hurts me which is something i cant get my head around.... i guess i deserve it, im no angel neither.. im pretty horrible myself.

Anxiety...OCD,,, Depression maybe bi polar dont know yet.... i can't cope....

Is it so much to ask to be happy, smart and not slow and dumb.

Its so complicated... so much pain and struggling i don't even know what to say or how to explain myself... i try and try but i end up hitting the delete key because its just a bunch of words slapped together...

I want out... but im a coward and I can't do it.


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I am so sorry you are hurt so...and I know there are so many people here who can relate to what you have said...talk to us and know that there is so much caring here to hold on to
todays been horrible... just thinking about what happen.
I was already in a bad state and this just made it much worse... im hurting all over inside and out... i really wanna just escape this place..
i wish i had no feelings...
I have seen someone, i got to make an apointment again... but that doesn't fix whats happen and the hurt it's caused and makes me feel like im an.....hole

of course its much more, this just makes a bad sitaution ten times worse....
and this happens too much... jlksdfjsd

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