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Dying to wake up.

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Interesting question.

Well - sometimes I guess maybe it seems like life is a kind of nightmare - but depression does that - it shapes your view of things sometimes so the world is viewed as a not so nice place sometimes.

Even the news! God its depressing. But maybe its designed that way - so I avoid the news and the views of journalists - who seem to want to highlight EVERY bit of bad news - and splice it up with trivia and meaningless materialistic worship.

So - avoid the media - steer clear of anything laying claim to happiness - liars telling you that you'd be happy with the latest BMW or designer clothes. Conmen and women - one and all!

Anyway - the life we live - we have to build a sacred place for ourselves - a sanctuary were our world is balanced - and 'right'. Sounds hard I know if your in a dark place - but please understand that we can make it happen. Step by step!

Main thing is sharing what is wrong. I'm assuming your view of life right now did not just pop up out the blue one day?

Anyhow - good luck mate and please try and talk to people.

Holding this in is no good - it just snowballs and little negative thoughts roll downhill and gather more and more until our mind is some kind of avalanche waiting to happen.

If you feel life is crashing in - you got to get some help sometimes.

But we find a way back - we stumble and fall - we get up again - every day I go to bed alive - I do thank God for it - though admittedly sometimes its not easy.

Even if there is no God - well, I view this as a gift - and my depression as the unwanted gift I hoard.


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I don't believe this, because when a lot of people kill themselves, they are searching for relief. I believe, that when you die, you don't get relief from pain. You can't feel anything. There is simply nothing.

That's my opinion on it.

Take care. <3


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sort of... more that this is hell or as u say the nightmare; our lives on this planet, little ants scurrying around; we live in hell and when we die it all just stops! no more pain or fear... just nothing!!!


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As I do not believe in distinct states of heaven and hell, and that they exist here, I think that there are ways to wake up from 'this nightmare' while we are here...J


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ive always thought that when we die, we wake up. mind you, i have a few crazy thoughts on death/rebirth related ideas.

just imagine, dieing and opening your eyes....to something different.

guess we'll have to wait and see :P
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