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thank you for replying.


i am 29. no friends, no boyfriend, no life... never had.

i have built such a void around myself.

a voice is screaming inside my head tellling me my life is worthless

i should give up. i really feel like giving up.

you help me showing i exist, that someone hears me...

thank you


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Sorry to hear you feel this way dying inside - loneliness can be a very bad thing - I guess we need the balance of others as well as having space and time for ourselves.

Are you shy then? Or have you just kind of been lulled into a way of life in which you don't bother doing much?

You mention a 'void' but you'd be surprised how many people are in one also - and as for not having a boyfriend, many people your age leave romance till late in life. Trust me - it will not feel late in life when you do find someone.

I've not had any romance for so long that I think I got change from buying a round of drinks from a Roman coin or something.

Try not to put yourself down so much - you got qualities I'm sure which make you a nice person. You are caring, maybe a quiet soul who just needs someone whose company you can relax in.

I'm sure there are thousands of men aged 30 or so who would love a women like you in their lives - but they have not met you yet.

I guess you need some activities in your life - something to go out for.

You think 30 is old - but trust me, its not. For many woman, its a time they become more feminine, more sure of themselves and hopefully confident.

At least you've not had to put up with some loser.

You got a lot of things to look forward to.

If your struggling with social anxiety or depression, maybe that's a cause for you not having a relationship.

Sure has been for me.

Or does anyone fancy a date at the doctors surgery?

Or you could go jogging and ask some jogger you fancy.. "do you run here often ?"

Hope some of this cheers you up a little.

Sure as hell won't be me jogging though - I walk.


And, we're listening to you.

Trying to think of some advice, but we'll see how it goes.


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Don't give up now. Put in the effort to make some friends, join some clubs, get to know people, you'll feel a lot better then.
Thank you.

i know i should do something to push me out of this situation, but it would take a lot of energy, which i dont have.

giving up seems so much easier.

but maybe i'll try. got nothing to lose...

Thank you so much.



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hey! no! its worth just trying one last thing before you decide to die. try joining a depression club or something like that! something that will help with the nasty feelings at the same time as making friends


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sorry you feel so bad..agree with everyone else. as you say you built the void around yourself, only you can break it. take little steps at a time...maybe go somewhere quiet to start like library be around people without having to speak...and build on that...join a club, nightclass or something...you dont have to be alone unless you want to be.

you owe it to yourself to make every effort to have a life, it was your choice to be alone and now your depression has twisted it to something bad...fight it..see a doc. dont beat yourself up, its not your fault...sometimes we do things without realising and pushing peeps away is healthy reaction to unhealthy situation.

do silly things like take a bus journey and smile at other passengers, go for a walk and say hello to those you pass..get used to interacting on a basic level and build on it.

stay here for support. :hug:
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