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I don't know if this thread belongs here... I didn't know where else to put it. I has very depressed when I was a teenager(im 24 now). by the time I was 17 no dr I found knew what to do with me. I had tried just about everything available at the time. finally drs. suggested e.c.t. my rents didn't know what to do anymore and I didn't really care, so we went through with it. I think I had 6 or 8 treatments with little to no result.
the problem that I am facing now is severe memory loss. I am again dealing with depression and when the drs ask questions about previous meds and about my mental health hisory I have little to no answers. I have very few memories from the time I was 15 to the time I was 18.
its really hard for me to deal with. friends talk about activities I was involved in and I remember nothing. there were lengthly hospitalizations I have no memory of.
I guess the point of my rambeling is... is there anything I can do to help regain any of the lost memories? has anyone else gone through e.c.t. with this same problem? I just want to remember!


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I'm going throught ECT now having done quite a lot of research into it. The risks of and effects of ECT on long term memory are actually very low (although obviously it does happen to some) and as you didn't have many sessions it clearly didn't occur through short term memory loss.

I've found that I can't remember quite a lot of my childhood and this is (or was) before ECT. A more likely cause is simply that this time was very traumatic and you have simply blocked it out. That being the case there is a strong argument for leaving it that way - the mind often knows best how to protect itself. If you really want to recover the memories I would try hypnotherapy, as it will help guide you through unlocking them, whilst in a safe environment.

But just be careful you might not like what you remember.

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