E Minor

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    I was afraid.
    I just didn't want
    the last thing you knew of me
    to be painful.
    So I stood back
    I didn't touch you.
    I set hands to my body instead
    and hurt you anyway.
    Hurt the memory of me
    that I would leave with you.
    Exactly what I was afraid of.
    I try to make you compact.
    Now that I am here alone.
    But despite
    my rabid attempts
    you spread out across
    my life here too.
    Everything is too complex.
    Nothing seems like garbage
    easy to relegate
    It all seems like gold.
    The picture in my head of you
    is a bit off
    but so am I,
    you're smile is the same though,
    in my head
    and in the place
    where you grin out from my wall.
    I sit in the sun
    thousands of miles away
    thinking of you
    sitting in the sun
    strumming away
    and my skin absorbs warmth
    scars standing out white
    against the newly tan surface.
    I miss things
    but I cope
    tactics built of a long history.
    I can't hold you
    but I can hold this guitar
    and I can write you
    build you into a piece of music
    and learn something new.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.