Early intervention in psychosis team??!!

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    Hey so i no i dont post much on here but i thought this would be a good thread. After coming out of hospital i was referred to the early intervention in psychosis team. They are supposed to come out twice a week in order for you to remain at home rather than have a lengthy stay in hospital. Ive been seeing them for 2 months. For the last 2 or 3 weeks the woman who comes hasnt turned up with no calls or anything just hasnt shown up. Also she has cancelled alot of appointments with the psychiatrist and the cpn also. Ive no idea why this is and they havent told me. So i guess what im asking is has anyone else been under the EIP team ? what were your experiences of them and how did they help you or not help ?
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    i think it depends on where you live in the country. i used to be under one EIP team and they were really good and really helped me out with loads of problems that i had, even getting me out of bed and just general life issues. then i moved away and i got passed onto another team and they were the complete opposite. i felt as though i was just a statistic with them and i was there to keep the numbers. from my experience you can ask for a different case worker - this happened for me. i mean someone in the same team just a different person.

    hope that helped. stick with it though,
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    I was with the equivalent in my area for a while i was contacted quite regularly for updates, month ish or less and i think the person i was in contact with was really friendly.
    If your are concerned about it or would like more you could think about contacting them and just arranging for a quick chat, i think they are there to help.
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    My brother is schizophrenic and been sectioned more times than I can remember,he's supposed to get regular visits since his last hospital stay. They've not been near or by for around a month,everytime my mother rings it's an answerphone and nobody gets back to her. He's back at the stage where he's got the voices telling him scary shit all night long but nobody gives a flying fuck in my opinion. He's just got to get so Ill that he gets sectioned again by the looks of it.Mental health is way down the list of health service priorities and it stinks.
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    That person must have someone working above here phone the agency tell them how incompatent this worker is and that you are not recieving the help you were suppose to have to keep you well.
    Phone okay call her superiors this is so unprofessional of her not to even call or show up hugs to y ou
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    Yeah, I agree with TE - I'd be calling and saying WTF! You are trying here, they should be supporting you. This is beyond rediculous, imho. :hug: