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Easier to accept euthanasia than suicide?

Two weeks ago, i lost another family member.. just like anohter one last year, he has refused to be kept alive any longer... signed papers and fw days later died peacefully. It is suicide assistited.. euthanasia.. playing on words yet the law forbids euthanasia.. but leave the choice to no longer pursue cures to stay alive. Makes any sense to you?
To be honest with you, I am a supporter of human euthanasia. I know it may be hard for friends and family to accept a death such as that, but would you rather that they had drawn out their suffering to ease the hearts and minds of loved ones? Please, remember that this was their choice, and they were able to die in peace, and with dignity.


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I am also a supporter of euthanasia especially with the severely or chronicly ill.
I watched my Dad gasping for air for 3 months while his heart and kidneys shut down and there was nothing to be done.
this is cruel.
if it was an animal they would be ''put down''

baltazaar I'm so sorry for your losses
I do believe though an individual should be allowed to say when they've had enough 'treatment' and allowed to die with some dignity when they're ready


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The loss of a family member is always difficult to bear. Do you feel any different now after a few weeks? Some losses are harder than others, though. I watched two of my grandparents go through drawn out bouts (over 1 year) with cancer and alzheimer's. I saw what it did to my aunts and uncles who were caregivers. I know how it affected me.

Another grandparent had a heart attack and later his kidney failed with very little time in the hospital. It was much, much easier for me to process the loss of my grandfather who lived a normal life up to the last week or so, than it was to accept this loss than the longer goodbyes.

When it's my time to go, I would much prefer not to be on life support. I don't even want to die in a hospital if I can avoid it. Then again I'm suicidal and the main reason I stay alive is out of concern for my family's values so probably not an average case.

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