easiest way to end it all

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Dont want to go into my life and bore you people even more.

I am not into this slashing wrist shit, too messy and unfair on them who have to clean it up i think.

I was thinking more like a bottle of Whisky and then <mod edit: bunny - methods> and fall asleep :mellow:
Sorry :sad:

Just everything going wrong in my life, same old story though.

Found out i have cancer, today i loose my job because i have had time off. I have no money, no life, not close to my family.

Just feel so alone and have no energy to fight anymore

I know its hard right now, i cant begin to imagine what it must be like to get news like that. But please hold on a little longer. Things can get better.
Cancers can be treated - look at all the medicines being invented right now. Hold on, think positive. There will always be other jobs, if you cant explain why you have had a lot of time off then really you should leave.

I know it must feel lonely to have no support around right now, but it can get better. You have to give it time and stay positive. Think about the future. I dont know what else to say right now to you but if you do want to talk your more than welcome to message me. I am here even if its just to listen and if you need soemone to talk to right now.
Not open for further replies.

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