Easter Flower (a poem for easter)

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    It's a cold and frosty day,
    the snow is piled up deep
    and all the signs of life
    are lying fast asleep.

    The birds I see are shivering,
    my breath comes out like smoke
    and the icicles are sparkling
    on the barren limbs of oak.

    But what's this I see here
    pushing up through winter's snow?
    The tender green of life again
    rising up from deep below.

    It's been buried 'neath the ground,
    just waiting for the time
    when the seasons blend together
    in one of God's best rhymes.

    I can glimpse the fragile petals
    that soon will open up
    to spill their brilliant colors
    like an overflowing cup.

    Locked inside are shades of purple,
    vibrant and alive.
    A reminder of the promise
    that spring will soon arrive.

    When winter comes it seems to bring
    a cold and lonely death.
    Gnawing at the soul of life
    God granted with His breath.

    And just when we feel deep despair -
    around us there's rebirth
    as all the trees and flowers bloom
    here upon the earth.

    As Easter draws much closer
    I can't help but compare
    the death of winter's season
    with the cross Christ had to bear.

    For only with the ending
    of the way life use to be
    can new life be presented
    to such as you and me.

    Each springtime brings reminders,
    it's obvious if we look.
    It shows us all the beauty
    of the steps that our Lord took.

    Up the hill to Golgotha
    with weight upon his back,
    drops of crimson blood fell
    each time He heard whips crack.

    And there upon the knoll,
    His fate He went to meet,
    as they pounded all the nails into
    His holy hands and feet.

    His brothers had all left Him,
    turned aside in fear.
    They couldn't yet perceive the plan
    that some day would be clear.

    He suffered many insults,
    endured an awful pain.
    But He knew His coming death
    gave man so much to gain.

    Once told of by the prophets;
    once safe in Mary's womb;
    God would grant His rebirth
    inside a borrowed tomb.

    Now He blazes with great glory
    as He carries His great news;
    our souls are granted freedom
    by the King of all the Jews.

    The winter of His death
    is behind Him at long last,
    so the spring of His rebirth
    can end our sinful past.

    Now the young and tender flower
    that I see here in the snow
    brings a smile of joyful wonder
    as I watch it start to grow.

    For in the petals of the crocus
    lie the beauty of the spring.
    In the promises of Easter
    lie the life that Jesus brings.

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