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easy way out

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Robbie 121, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. Robbie 121

    Robbie 121 Active Member

    Tomorrow in my Spanish class, I have to get infront of the whole class and read out these Spanish tongue twisters that im soposed to memorize, theres 6 of them and I have to read all of them in under a minute. That part doesnt worry me, its the infront of the class that does.

    I have Social Anxiety Disorder and I excesivley blush (i posted a thread on it) and i just cant get infront of the class and do that, it scares me to death just thinking about it, just the fear of blushing makes me want to kill myself, and if i get up there i no for a fact i will blush and freak out

    i have a math test and a paper due tomorrow which already stresses me out, but this spanish thing is absolutely horrible

    tonight i think im going to kill myself, yes you can call me a whimp for wanting to die because of this

    goodbye everyone


    p.s. my spanish teacher said we will be duing alot of presentations/speeches infront of everyone :sad:
  2. twilightki

    twilightki Well-Known Member

    Tell the teacher that you have Social Anxiety Disorder. If the teacher doesn't listen, you can either not do it, or do it. My advice for doing it, is just laugh every time you mess up, even if you're faking it, it'll make you feel less embarrassed.

    My question is, do you have to repeat it if you mess up? If so, just say "I can't do this." Or "I didn't memorize it well enough".

    Don't kill yourself. Trust me, this isn't worth getting upset over. It won't be as bad as you think it will be. Theres little things that will help you relax, like leaning against the wall (if you're standing straight, it'll feel awkward.) or going as slow as possible (considering the time limit). Maybe you can even say it slow, run out of time, and say "oh well, I didn't do it fast enough...."

    Another thing that may work, depending on how strong your mind is, is to pretend you're someone else while you're up there, or you have a mask on. If you can do that successfully, you won't care as much.

    Trust me, it'll be all right.:smile:
  3. neutral

    neutral Well-Known Member

    If I am required to speak to a large group of people at work. (Or even go shopping in a busy store.)...

    1. Run over what to do in your mind. Get a good idea what to do.
    2. Remember getting it wrong is not a crime. (You'll have to listen to my attempt at the French language some time. :smile:)
    3. Just before its your turn, control your breathing so your pulse does not run away. (It may help you not to blush too much.)
    4. If you can only remember some of the words, just say that ones that you can.

    They cannot force you to do something that you have real problems with. Talk to them before the lesson starts. Maybe you can just say the phrases in a smaller group or rearrange for a more suitable time or have a friend stand up with you?
  4. are you serious? You want to kill yourself because of a homework assignment? I'm sure your probably have much more to live for. I've been embarrassed plenty of times publicly and the only thing you can do is move on and become more confident from your experiences. I hope you reconsider your decision and realize life is a beautiful thing to waste.
  5. asvt

    asvt Well-Known Member

    Tell your teacher the problem and ask if you can do it infront of just her at break.
  6. EmptyLife

    EmptyLife Well-Known Member

    I don't know if you would consider this a similar problem, but I am facing an unemployment hearing, and it has gotten me very depressed. The personnel department at the job that fired me without giving me a reason and is now challenging my right to unemployment benefits! It's going to be lowly me against the lying personnel director, her allies, and maybe they'll bring their lawyers. I am very unhappy and dreading this.
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