Eaten alive

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    The Wolf called out to the lamb,
    Come here little one, I'll protect you.

    The lamb looked at the Wolf with fearful eyes and said,
    No. I will not go with you. You'll eat me alive.

    The Wolf smiled wide showing all his teeth and assured the lamb he would not harm such a lovely creature. She was skeptical and stayed a good distance.

    The next day the Wolf called out to the lamb again,
    Come here little one, I'll protect you.

    Again the lamb declined. So the Wolf began to talk to her from across the way.
    This happened every day for several weeks. Little by little the lamb drew closer to the Wolf to better hear his stories.

    Before she knew it, the lamb was next to the Wolf. He talked about things she'd never heard of and adventures he planned to go on. The lamb felt safe and secure, certainly now the Wolf would do her no harm. So as she lay listening to his story, she dozed off into peaceful slumber.

    The lamb let her guard down.

    And that is when the Wolf ate the lamb.
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    Beautifully written, and a very good lesson I feel...
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    Thank you much. A lesson well and truly learned.