Eaten Alive

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  1. Do you ever have the feeling
    that no one can help you,
    that asking for refuge inside
    is too much for your sights
    to look up to
    That it’s all up to your little self
    yet there’s not enough You that’s left,
    swallowed down
    for too long now
    Looking up from the bottom,
    hollowed out by sorrow,
    like worms having gnawed at,
    like rats having clawed
    at the basement of your mind
    Not able to reach again,
    to touch the place
    you’ve been buried in
    You want to scream
    but no sound comes out
    Your voice a weak whisper,
    instead of rebellious shout
    Your eyes, are open,
    but you’ve already died…

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    I like this one very much - but then, I like ALL your things very much!!:smile:


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.