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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by herrkatze, Oct 28, 2015.

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  1. herrkatze

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    Can they be considered self-harm? I've dealt with this for the past eight years. After suffering through secondary education while being fat I resolved to lose the weight and keep it off. After healthily losing 80 pounds in September 2009, I started using dieters tea to keep the weight off. This wasn't enough so I eventually started throwing up until I was discovered by my mother and friends so I read about chewing and spitting which is what I struggle with now. It has reached a point where I have spent thousands of dollars of food to simply dispose of. This has made it worse because I simply put it in the trrash, the garage, and my neighbour's trash can which has resulted in a putrid smell. I really want to stop but I have no idea how.
    I believe that an eating disorder is merely a symptom of the depression that I have suffered from for the majority of my life. I have caused my mother and my friends (who know about my problem) untold grief and I am sick of hurting them. I really do not care about getting better for me but for my mother (my only close family member) and for my close friends to whom I have caused gross emotional pain. I want to get better to stop hurting them. I just want to stop but I do not know how...
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    Yes, eating disorders are a type of self harm. You are hurting yourself by depriving yourself of the food you need and also causing yourself to throw up is harmful. It is a symptom of depression but also a very serious disease in itself which you need and deserve to get help with. I had an eating disorder from when I was 15 till I was 27. I do better but still have issues with it. You can get help and some people recover, and I think no longer think about it so much. If you're able to eat meals throughout the day with your mom or friends, perhaps that could be a start. Maybe seeing a therapist about your depression and mentioning your eating disorder. Different things work for different people. You deserve to recover from your an eating disorder and your depression.
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    Eating has destroyed my life. Am 63 and always eaten poorly. Am fat, digestive system shot to hell, and I hate myself for it. Even now, when eating too much or the wrong things brings physical pain, I still do it. It is not, however, considered a formal eating disorder. And I really have no idea if depression brought on the eating, or eating brought on the depression. I, too, buy food, get mad and throw it away. I often wish I was a robot and did not need food to survive.
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