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Eating one minute, starving the next.

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well. im a diagnosed ednos. ive also done time in an ED unit for anorexia / ednos - restrictive.....
at the moment. im at my hw.

well. i WAS at my hw.
i dont know what i am now.

but im on a rollercoaster with food.
one minute im eating everything in sight (and i mean EVERYTHING).
the next. im starving myself and refusing meals.

i mean, to give a perfect example, today i decided that i was happier when i was starving (ie - fasting).
so the nurse said to me "are you going to eat something" . and my response was "i didnt eat this morning, im not going to eat this afternoon and im definantly not going to eat tonight."
lets just say my smarta**ed comments dont go far here.
i just keep having nurses come up to me with food. which im disposing of.

im execptionally suicidal at the moment.
im in here for major depression / anxiety / panic disorders. mostly the depression though. my ed isnt supposed to be a factor.

they shouldnt be trying to feed me.

but im so confused about how one day i can eat like a normal person.
and the next, im starving myself and wishing i could keep it up for days.....

i have a feeling my ed is out of control again. but i dont want to end up in the ED unit again..... which will happen if i admit to food problems....

i guess im just looking for people who understand. and some advice on how to keep my intake at a reasonable level. for me and for the "professionals".

Hi there. I get what you mean about the food rollercoaster. So, Im here for you as far as the understanding part goes. As far as the advice part goes, Im unsure. I would suggest thinking about having to return to the ED unit everytime you dont want to eat. It may make you eat. Im not sure. Anyway, feel free to pm me for anything. Im here. :)


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i dont have these problems. waht is it like to starve yourself. when you do that your body starts to break down your muscles and you get very sick. please dont do that to yourself.


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I too eat like you, restricting, binging, so I can relate. However, I have not, as yet, found a way to keep my eating stable, although when my mental state is a bit better my eating stabilises and then because it is not messed up it tstays a bit more stabilised, if that makes sense. (ie you probably binge because you have restricted and your body is craving food, then you go back to restricting becuase you feel bad, and so then you end up binging again, its a very vicious cycle).

I guess the best way is to try and regulate your meals, but I totally know that is easier said than done.

Sorry for the crappy reply, but if you ever need an ear/eye, feel free to PM me

Take care and keep fighting
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