Eating to prevent stomach problems

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    I get neausous all the time, and bad stomach cramps. To help minimise this I have been trying to change my diet. I was wondering if there were any suggestions on what I could add for variety to my diet (aside from the common, chicken, rice, and veggies). Normal stuff easy on the stomach will get boring, but if I can mix it up a bit I can still keep my self interested in food enough to eat. (That is the plan anyway)
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    I have similiar problems. The chicken, rice and veggies is good advice, also make sure you take enough fibre on board...thats grains/breads. Fish is also good. With any meat id suggest eating a fairly small quantity, easier to digest, the less time it spends in your stomach the better.

    - small meals, several times a day, say 5/6 times
    - alcohol isnt a good idea
    - orange juice isnt a good idea
    - need to be careful with salads, choose wisely, some ppl say tomatoes and onion are both bad ideas
    - coffee is a bad idea
    - tea probably not good either, although some blends are soothers, i heard peppermint is ok, and some indian varieties

    lol getting the picture? thats right...its no fun at all! and its a lot harder to maintain a diet to prevent problems than ppl who dont suffer with it would believe.

    I suggest simple stir fry meals, doesnt get much healthier, grab a good book, and gradually build up the gear required to make proper stir fries...thats what im gonna do. You can mix and match virtually anything.
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    :agreed: I really can't add much of anything, Matt took the words right out of my mouth. (Comming from a fellow person with several stumach issues )

    Take care and if you have anymore questions feel free to PM me anytime. :hug: