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i wish i had some cash to blow before i die...like enough to buy an ipod, this pucca backpack, a macintosh/windows laptop, clothes, and go to knotts for the last time, and pig out at black angus with my suicide partner before we do it...

i'm actually going to sell all my stuff on ebay but i don't know if it's gonna sell right away or never...and now that i think about it, it takes too much time and effort and what's the point of going through that if im gonna die anyways.


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Money doesn't = happiness.

Well it hasn't for me !

Every body wants nice things and given hard work and time can have them.

Thats what I did.

Mustering the effort to do that is the hard part.

But for me, things, are just that, things.

Hopefully this is something you will find out for yourselves.

Why don't you and your suicide partner, stick around and take on the world, surely if you are strong enough to die togther, you are strong enough to live a little togther before you make that final journey.
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