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    I don't have many close friends...and the ones I do have are drifting away from me. I have MDD and it's getting worse..but I really don't let anyone know how much worse..I don't want to let people down by still being depressed. No one usually understand even when I do make the effort to talk about it. I usually get people telling me to get over it,snap out of it,you're just being a whiny emo,it's getting old. So I just save the conversation and let people believe I'm okay,as not to waste their time w/ my problems.

    Lately I tried to at least talk to one of my friends,but even though I know he was trying to help I felt worse. Everything he said is echoing in my head.
    your moodiness has left me feeling awkward and uncomfortable talking to you lately,There's only so much I could do for you before you have to try to help yourself for once rather than inherently falling into despair.

    the thing is I try so hard..and have been long before I met him...and I never asked him to anything other than be there or listen... we hardly talk or see each other...he's been avoiding me lately anyway

    I don't know why you let certain things get to you though. It's a lot easier to stop giving a fuck about anything than everybody gives credit for. It's easy to stop expecting things and say to yourself that the only shit that ever really gets you worked up is in your head. Plus, the only way to ever achieve happiness is to stop pursuing it. Life is useless when you're adamant about keeping yourself miserable

    You are only how you see yourself. You're an idiot because you believe that's what you are, and depression is all in one's mind. Get rid of those nonexistant "good person bad person" beliefs and that's the only way you'll recover.t's not difficult at all to let those go.depression really is only in people's minds; in your case, you could recover only when you let yourself do so.

    I understand what he meant but this really made me feel worse. He said he "snapped out" of his depression
    I was in a depression for over two full years, non-stop. I can't really describe it though, but my recovery from it was instantaneous,
    Am I just being too sensitive?..because,it didn't make me feel all that good
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    No. You're not being too sensitive. He's not getting it, somehow.

    :hug: I'm sorry he treated you that way. :(
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    at least I know I'm not just taking his words to far. it just hurts,him being one of my only friends and all,which is one of the reasons I care so much. that and I used to be ilw him

    anyway thank you:hug: