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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Drakheim, Dec 10, 2015.

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  1. Drakheim

    Drakheim New Member

    I know probably everyone reading this is experiencing and going through their own problems in no state to help out anyone else really. I don't even expect a response really. There is full acceptance in the understanding that this probably isn't even really the place to find help in regards to my own issues which revolves around modern day currency that supports all of our lives and basic necessities just to live and breathe.

    Running into this site was due to my tendencies to look for some sort of meaning of life through internet search engines as I scavenge through information that really cannot provide for my well being in any way which is obviously a futile effort. Even if I did run into people that did possess the ability, the knowledge, the understanding, and compassion to even help; I am sure in some fashion or another I'll be blamed for my own problems as history and the general nature of society has turned its back on the working poor.

    So, I have been laid off and my unemployment has ran out as all desires and attempts to find stable employment has run its course. Even menial positions such as fast food and retail don't want to hire me or they are just fully staffed as now college graduates have no choice but to work in said menial employment positions with these large fast food and retail corporations. There simply isn't enough jobs out there for everyone.

    I've discovered that people indeed do have large sums of money including the greedy corporations and the people who are in power in government as that currency just sits in their banks doing absolutely nothing. Greed is extremely powerful and I will never understand it as I have never acted or even thought in the same patterns that these people portray. My last act of giving was a few hundred dollars to someone I worked with in order to fix his mode of transportation in order to continue working multiple jobs to support his family. Fleeting thoughts of karma and possibly good things coming back to me were just that I assume, a fantasy which isn't real in any way.

    The best way to fix an economy is by putting money back into it, however, with the way the trickle down economics work, the circulation of money just isn't there anymore. If they continue to horde their money, that is less money in circulation for others. That is less spending, less job creation, and the ultimate demise of any type of economy unless the goal is to destroy the middle class so the rich can be even more rich. Don't be fooled, these billion dollar companies are not job creators.

    I will be evicted from my small apartment in about a month now, granted I get an extra 30 days to move out hopefully, and it's a fate I do not care to endure. There are no family, friends, or even a vehicle anymore to help me stay afloat. Most would say to go into the military, but I am not interested in such a negative and evil state of slavery as I will no longer be an individual. In case anyone hasn't learned, suicide rates are absolutely incredible in the military world and I understand why. It's an institution that deprives the individual of free thought or freedom in general which destroys life's whole purpose of love, joy, and positivity.

    I have always been a lover of life and maintained a positive thought pattern, but this doesn't seem to be the 'secret' or 'key' to the universe and consciousness. I do believe our conscious beings chose to come into this physical manifestation for the fun, the love, and the joy of life on this planet. However, the concept of free will has given those who are evil that same free will to enact their own personal agenda in controlling people for their own benefit without any remorse.

    This is the most painful state I have ever experienced in my life as life itself seems to have spiraled into the abyss of suffering and sorrow. With the amount of tears I have shed I can honestly say I am all cried out and I have no more ideas on what to do for money just to simply survive.

    There are no government programs, as they are all geared towards woman and children. The system is set up nicely so women with children don't even have to work as taxes will be increased in their benefit. So many take advantage of that situation and I can honestly say I am jealous. But as I have lost everything the only thing I can think of is becoming a criminal. Perhaps I too should have no remorse like the rest of society lacks.

    I'll be ending my conscious existence soon enough so I no longer have to endure this painful fate of this physical life.

    I understand mental issues which drives people into severe depression as the only escape could be suicide, but if you have money, shelter, and food, one should be able to find happiness in that alone for I have lost all means of basic necessities.

    In a world of greed and apathy I am not fit as it hurts my inner being greatly to understand the evil and the corruption which runs rampant in our societies. I haven't ever met a good person such as myself in all my 30 years of life and I probably never will.

    What's the point if society doesn't want to employ someone like me just to provide a basic living.
  2. Beautiful Disaster

    Beautiful Disaster Forum Buddy SF Supporter

    Sorry for the late reply, but we do always try to reply to posts :)

    I hope you are still around cause I would love to talk to you. Also, what country are you from?
  3. Drakheim

    Drakheim New Member

    I appreciate it, but it's okay. I don't need a pity reply.

    This is how society is.

    The rich don't care and everyone is out for themselves.

    I'll be gone by Christmas while everyone and all the new generation is happy opening presents and everyone lives their life dependent on material possessions.

    The way that I look at it now; the world doesn't deserve a good person like myself.

    Sadly it's all probably based upon reincarnation and my consciousness will be thrown into this huge broken society again and I'll live another life of suffering and sorrow probably being one of those newborns that are addicted to drugs and opiates in which laws are passed that are ignored due to this type of epidemic.

    People resort to drugs to find happiness because this "great empire" that is America doesn't care about the working poor so individuals must fend for themselves and find happiness in anything they can which will be cheap drugs that are sold on the streets.

    In case anyone is wondering, drug addicts are only addicted to drugs because they are trying to find happiness any way they can because that is the sole purpose of life itself, happiness and joy. The society of this American dictatorship cannot provide stable and viable employment while it is no longer necessary for people to kill themselves just to live a basic life where the basic necessities are obtained.

    You're either born into money, lucky enough to earn a whole lot of it, or live a life of slavery and servitude working multiple jobs just to earn enough for shelter and food. Society no longer needs to work that way but no one cares anymore.

    This world is done and so am I. It's no longer a physical manifestation of consciousness where our creativity can prosper along with the positivity, love, and joy which is the whole basis. (You can give an infant everything it needs to survive, but if you deprive it of love and affection it will simply die.)

    I am content exiting this world. I am tired of being blamed for not being able to provide a basic living for myself as this community and society are based upon "individualism" which goes against nature completely.

    If you want to prove me wrong you're welcome to donate through paypal to my email address ( but other than that, I expect moderators to delete my post or bann me permanently because their focus, I am sure, is for all donations to go to them so they can profit off of suicidal individuals as they don't care any more than anyone else. (It's not like a web domain costs that much money.)

    Goodbye cruel world. I'll be on the streets shortly after Christmas and I no longer care. I find peace in the understanding that this world and this society does not deserve someone as smart, intelligent, and as good of a person as I am.

    I am done.

    To you moderators which will delete my post and bann me soon; You're just as evil as the rest of the world.
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