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ed, curse words

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fuck this shit i'm done. done. done being such a fucking loser. done flushing my money and my health down the fucking toilet. done GAINING weight after developing an eating disorder. done being such a weak ass mother fucking loser. i am better than this. i am stronger than this. i am smarter than this. fuck this, i'm done. god help me i am done with this shit.
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Hi amicrazy,

Although you sound pretty stressed and annoyed right now, this 'rant' is positive. If this helps to push past all the crap in your life, and helps you gain an attitude in which you believe you can change things, then that is something to hold on to, regardless of the anger. I do believe you shouldn't be so hard on yourself though, while this may push you forward in changing your life and lifestyle, in the long run it is just going to serve to lower your self esteem.

I hope you are able to change things, and wish you luck
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