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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by gizmo, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    I would like to die and I can't bring myself to do it. I even have a firearm which I can't bring myself to use against myself, <mod edit: bunny - against the rules>
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  2. Saoirse

    Saoirse Guest


    Gizmo, this is a pro life forum. We don't promote suicide and try to help people from commiting suicide and such acts.
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  3. thedeafmusician

    thedeafmusician Staff Alumni


    This site is strictly prolife, no methods or help in attempting are given out here.

    Instead do you want to talk about how you came to feel this way?
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  4. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member


    Well, I can't really find a pro-death forum so I would ask you to not take such a hard-line stance. You are welcome to try and change my mind and I may do the same, but if you are going to limit participation to a pro- point of view then you might limit your understanding of human psychology.
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  5. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member


    There are benefits to not taking a enforced pro- or anti- stance (e.x. you might attract more people whom you might be able to help).

    I got married 6 years ago and have always deeply loved my wife. For 5 of those 6 years I hurt her deeply and didn't realize it. She then hurt herself in a manner that hurt me even worse. We've been living apart for a while and have not been able to move forward. I want to and she wants to; however, she can't because of whom she is now and this is stronger than her want. We've pretty much ended the relationship as a result and I have no more desire to live as she is the one thing I truly love and I am unwilling to suffer a lifetime without her.

    This is the real deal. I've lost my love and I don't wish to continue.
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  6. Terry

    Terry Antiquities Friend Staff Alumni


    Hun I lost the person I most loved in the world. As it turned out he wasn't worth it, but still know the pain you're going thru. Hang in there, it can only get better.
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  7. delirium

    delirium Well-Known Member

    All I can say is that as long as you're around there's potential for things to change for you. Suicide is something that can't be undone...there's no going back, obviously.
    Holding on is difficult when you're emotionally exhausted and it feels like you've lost everything that has ever held any meaning for you...but I'd like to urge you to leave room for possibilities.

    You might be surprised by how much time can change things for you. Hold on for a while and see what happens. Perhaps you'll find something else meaningful to hold onto in this world.

    Sometimes talking about these things can help and there are many people here who are more than willing to lend an ear.

    I really hope that you feel better.
  8. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    Re: Will somebody kill me?

    I appreciate the sentiment / story and I don't share your optimism. Saying "I do" is a lifetime committment and my very identity is dependent on that committment. I have found no worse feeling then having the one you love most willfully hurt and abandon you. The nature of who I am and whom I think I can be leads me to the understanding that if I am to continue then I will both not care and suffer. I am unwilling to entertain such an experience and this is why I want some help ending it.
  9. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    As long as there is energy in a system, change will happen. If I don't care however, the opportunities change brings are kind of moot. Suicide is permanent as you have correctly asserted. If I die then there is no more thought, no more feeling, no more perception, and no more memory. It seems that suffereng is dependent on these components and eliminating them removes suffering.

    Its more realistic IMO to think in terms of proabilities.

    This isn't about meaningfulness. Meaning is the realtionship of two or more variables. Trust me, there is meaning abound. This is about me not living a life of suffering. I am who I am and have a wound that will not heal.

    I agree and I have an excellent therappist and a reasonable social network. I am not in a position where I don't feel heard or in need of getting a proverbial weight off my chest. I am in position where I want to die and want some help because I can't bring myself to do it.
  10. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    To Bunny: Come on, please don't modify the title and content of my thread. Censorship based on an idealogical position might limit your visibility into suicide as well as keep people away whom you truly might be able to help.
  11. Malcontent

    Malcontent Staff Alumni

    Nevertheless gizmo, this forum has rules. And they were created for a reason. I can assure you that all the staff have personal experience of suicide
  12. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    I would argue that the reason should be re-evaluated.

    and their ideologies are restrcting them from some acts of compassion and mercy.
  13. Malcontent

    Malcontent Staff Alumni

    Helping someone to kill themselves is not compassionate or merciful in my opinion. This forum is here to help people continue to live. I don't mean to sound harsh, but if you don't like this forum's rules you don't have to continue reading. But if you chose to continue posting the way you have been your posts will continue to be edited.
  14. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    The purpose of this forum is to provide emotional help and support to people who's lives are in crisis and who are considering suicide. If we were a pro-suicide forum chances are we would have been shut down years ago.

    The reason your posts are being edited is because we cannot and will not encourage suicide or any self harm in any way. Not only because we will, as a site, get shut down, but because of the potential effect it will have on a person viewing the forums. Our aim is to help and support people.. and encourage them to live. Not to encourage their suicide.

    Please take a look at the rules and guidelines of the forum if this is still unclear

    Please do not post any more methods for people to harm themselves.. or I'll have to place you under moderation. I'm not out to get you.. I'm just trying to keep this forum safe for members.

    Thank you
  15. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    Maybe this is because most of them are undercover and get shut down if and when they are found out. One of the reasons we are pro-life and do NOT encourage self harm or suicide in any way


    Whether or not we are being realistic is not the issue. Yes often people do join suicideforum looking for methods, but we are a pro-life forum, we do not give methods. Most members understand this when we tell them.. then they either have the choice to move on to another forum, or stay and abide by the rules.

    We don't try to scare people away, we are trying to provide a safe environment where a) we won't get shut down and b) members can talk about their feelings.

    Please look at the rules and decide which you would like to do.
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  16. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    And this is the crux of the issue. We both want the same thing I would presume... to end someone's suffering. I value both pro-life and pro-death solutions and there are benefits to both. You value only pro-life because it is your opinion that assisted death is not compassionate or merciful. I find the pro-life only stance as being cold and cruel.

    Well yes and no. Not continuing to read is one solution to disagreeing with the forum rules and it is not the only solution. My end goal is to never have the capacity to read again so we have a partial agreement although indirect.

    The floggins will continue until morale improves?
  17. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    Jenny, you don't seem to be acting out of fear of being 'shut down' and I would have to ask do you value truth?
  18. gizmo

    gizmo Active Member

    Have you ever considered being both? Also are you aware of any particular pro-death forum? I mean even a single one?

    I can understand that and what about simply having resources available for people whom don't need a method but need a 3rd party implementor?

    ok so it looks like getting shut down is a concern for you after all. I think creating a safe environment is helpful and I think there is an opportunity to provide a little more resources for alterantive means of 'resolution'. I realize there is a risk with that, but rather than outright denying an entire aspect of human behavior why not try and find ways to mitigate the risk and open up to a much different point of view?
  19. Joy2BeWith

    Joy2BeWith Guest


    Maybe you should ask yourself if you're too critical with yourself? You seem to one of a critical nature and that might be contributing to your emotional/mental dilemma.

    Now you're either doing one of two things, maybe three things:

    1. You're dying for attention, that's why you're waiving the "i gotta a fire
    arm and i'm about to use it" routine.

    2. You're really desperate and serious about ending your life because you
    legitimately have serious issues.

    3. You're playing a game.

    What ever motive you have consider the consequences of your actions.

    Say, for example, you of the mind set of the first possible reason: 1

    If so, then it's a sick joke and you should really address the fact that you have an attention-desire problem and should learn how to overcome it.

    If it's reason: 2

    Then you think of all those you will hurt by taking your life. If you think taking your life is the answer you're [dead] wrong.

    God forbid if it's reason: 3

    You're sick and you really need help and you should probably not play this game on this board.

    All in all, I hope you find peace in your heart and hope you over come what you are going through.

  20. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni


    I don't know what debate there is to be having about the forum.

    We are a pro-life forum. End of story. We're not going to change the whole forum just because you want us to. We happen to think the forum is running well as it is. Sure it has it's ups and downs, but we value having this safe, pro-life forum.

    If you're looking for a pro-suicide forum, please look elsewhere.

    And if you can't find one, it's because they're not common. Mainly because it is illegal to encourage others to harm themselves and/or die.

    As staff we have decided to put you under moderation until you can understand this, and that no matter how much debating you do about it, we're not going to change our rules with regards to that. You can still post on the forums if you want.. but if you do please abide by the rules (which are not changing). Either that or please find some other forum to torment in to carrying out illegal activities.

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