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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by rwillson, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. rwillson

    rwillson Well-Known Member

    i was watching some show, can't remember what but they poking fun at a couple of male hollywood stars who claimed they had developed ED's. joking that they didn't think it was possible and it was a crock... ooh it pissed me off, what guys can't have body image issues, guys can't throw up or starve themselves? i developed an ED in boarding school and it resurfaces every few years in either two forms... anorexia, obsessive proper nutrition (yes that can be bad as well) and steroid abuse... and when it does it turns my world upside down. makes me wanna send these idiots a DSM-IV with the section on eating disorders and body dysmorphia highlighted...

    the ignorance...

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  2. crazy

    crazy Well-Known Member

    It's sad that the world can be so ignorant. People generalize and discriminate so they think deseases do the same when actually they don't. No matter what desease it is, and any one with an eating disorder will tell ya that it is as real a desese as cancer or diabeates, it can stike any one at any time, ignoring a person's race, age, gender, etc. At one point, years ago, I thought only girls got eating disorders. One of my best friends, however had gotten this new boyfriend, and we all started hangin and stuff. I eventually found out that he had suffered from bulimia and it had affected him in very similar ways that it has affected me.
  3. ggg456

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    I know what you mean. When I read the DSM-IV/standard descriptions of eating disorders I've always felt distant from "it effects more women then men" as I've never seen myself as "a woman" and so just felt alienated from the whole thing. I frankly can't relate to a lot of people, especially women, I've come across with eating disorders myself. it's so widespread. I look at this uncle, and another uncle in malaysia and his obsessive relationships with food/his body and how he passes it on to people because it's all very 'normal' but he wouldn't ever say they have an eating disorder, (regardless of having stomach problems/hair falling out due to poor nutrition and binge/starvation cycles). I could go on about this forever..My family's relationship with food/body image is just awful.:dry:
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