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Ok so I have been bulimic since I was 12, I have dealt with it by myself until I finally told my mum when I was 17-and all she does is turn around and say do you want to leave school. No - we'll get u into counselling, or get you some form of help. But no she didnt care about it. I'm still dealing with it on an everyday basis, and my psych knows as does my ex-mental health worker and they have done nothing about it. Honestly i am getting my self in more and more trouble with it coz i throw up everything i eat, even when i havent eaten, and it is affecting my stomach as i have had my stomach stapled and I als ohave a stomach ulcer, so im messing with my own health quite a bit and am going to end up in big trouble. fucked if i know why i even wrote this
im going now


Why did you have stomach stapled? If you want help maybe go to a different doctor and ask? You can have mine if you like * And my mum * We can do a swap *


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Had my stomach stapled as a result of a syndrome I was diagnosed with. I'm so sick of doctors so I dont know wat to do, I have gone through most of the ones at my clinic so I guess I will have to stick with the one I have at the moment and see whether he can get me some help. I havent told him how bad it is but I think that might be the first step.
I think I'll keep my mum, she seems to be getting a better idea of how I am since I ended up in hospital 9 times in four months and I finally told her a few things that had been going on with me. Well anyways you can keep your mum and doctor, but thanks for the offer
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