Education is education.......right?

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    As i posted in one of the success threads, college started a few days ago and i made it through my first few days without any severe anxiety and i felt great....until...
    Well i applied to my province community college. I mean, it's everywhere. Community College is viewed as lesser (even though the course i am in, IT, sent over half of their grad class to get hired straight from grad)
    I mean, just look at that one The Big Bang Theory episode when Penny decides to get a higher education and it starts going around "Oh big scientist can't stand his girlfriend having only a community college degree" but tried to just ignore it, or laugh along.
    But with school starting it kind of rubs it in....
    People ask where i'm going and i say community college and all of a sudden "Well isn't your two friends going to Acadia Universiy? And that other friend is also going to uni? and that one kid in your class who is taking the same course as you but at a university?"
    It's not that i couldn't get into uni, by any means, i had the marks to qualify...i just chose somewhere closer to home...and a course that i knew i could do and do well because i didn't want to flunk out and put it all to waste...

    I mean, i know my college is one of the best in the province, i have heard it from literally everyone. My teachers are amazing, it is already clear that they care very much for their students, we are on a first name basis and it is only the fourth day and one of my teachers said hi to me in the halls and used my name (and not even the one on my records, he called me by my nickname i asked him to use in class), my course has 29 people max in it, and we are such a supportive group...the other day three of us (me included) tried to help each other log onto the computer (which, oh man, was a challenge...)

    I just always feel like what i am doing is so much lesser than everyone else....They're all going to Universities clear across the province and they're doing great
    I'm just living in an apartment not even a ten minute drive from my parents' house going to community college......

    I just feel so dumb, you know? I know i shouldn't....I worked VERY hard in the past, i work very hard right now, and i am planning on working even harder in the future. I just...

    Whether i was taking the information technology course at my community college or at Dalhousie or Acadia universities, i would do the same stuff, just over 4 years instead of the 2 i'm doing....

    i don't know...i guess i just feel inadequate...incompetent...only a community college student...not even anything like Holland College....just community college
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    Hey Rainbow, I is education and you'll be doing the same work whether uni or community. But yes, they have created a class system, based on money IMO. Don't let it get you down, go for it and prove yourself in your chosen field, in the real world that's where it counts. Good luck
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    Thank you, Brian, I appreciate your kind words.
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  4. Frances M

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    Hi Rainbow :)

    I agree, education is education. I don't know why there is such a "joke" with regards to ANY type of education, but I know what you mean. When I wanted to go to a trade school way back when instead of university, I was mocked and humiliated. Your paying for your education, you choose where you want to go and what you want to study for what makes you the happiest in your life and your future career....and eff the rest, low brow of me, but seriously I'm sick of people looking down on others who don't follow society's norms. And just so you know, when I lived in Montreal, I went to Concordia, I was MOCKED because Concordia was seen as "below" McGill...I mean, come on...they are both universities with great programs!!! People will always find something wrong with anything...good for you for getting the education you want!!!
  5. RainbowCoyote

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    Thank you for the support.
    I have always viewed education as being equal across the board, if you learn and can demonstrate the same skills then why does it matter if you went to uni or not?
    I have always been the kind of person who i see it and i want to do it. I have so many interests it is crazy...if i paid for classes in all of them i would be below dirt poor, so i always did stuff for free online, but it always amazed me how people would compliment my artwork or my musical talent or whatever, until they learned i taught myself, then i just got told i should take courses, and i could improve so much if i took a class, or it is amazing how i achieved that without a class, why didn't i take one? and all that stuff so it isn't really surprising to me to hear "With your good grades you could have gotten into university?"

    What gets kind of humiliating is having to explain, after the question "Could you not afford it?" that no, i could afford it, i just didn't want to go to university. No big classes, no lectures, nothing like that please. Close to home, small classes where i know my teacher personally seems much more appealing to me.

    It is incredible how petty and shallow people can be without even knowing they are being petty or shallow
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  6. Frances M

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    Actually some of the "community college" type of schools here, they're not called that here, they are either just called college, tech institute or CEGEP, anyway some of those colleges run 10k for a 2-year program so compared to University, the costs are quite equal.
  7. SillyOldBear

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    Heck, just tell them you are going to college. Leave the community part off. But I do think these people have very SMALL minds to be critical of community college. I have been to both. A community college and a University. You often have to work harder and learn more at the community college. And if you can get that education for a bit less by going to a community college - well that is the smart thing to do. A whole lot less of student debt once you finish it all. And you can always transfer those community college credits to a university later. Don't let these morons discourage you. You are doing a most excellent thing.
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  8. AlopexAngel

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    I went to a community college then transferred to University. I honestly wish I had done just a 2-year technical degree. Higher rate of job placement, especially in proportion to how much I owe in student debt. My 4 year degree got me into an entry level job with college drop outs.
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  9. DrownedFishOnFire

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    Sorry to burst your bubble but no one freaking cares where you got your first two years degree. I went to a well known tech school for 4 year degree

    Ha ha to those stupid people getting the shaft with loan repayments whilst I went to the community college and transferred. I was in and out per schedule.....focused on real classes that applied to my degree instead of those bs 101 classes. Now who's the fool? Who cares.

    People look at your lastest job experience and don't give a fudge 10 years later where you went to school. Its a joke. I'm at the fence about going back to school for the masters.
  10. DrownedFishOnFire

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    I have ZERO debts. Hah.
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    Thank you very much. It was nice to log on this morning (after a not so great morning...) to see such a message :)
    The only problem with not telling them the "community" part is people are nosy af and my college has "community college" in the name -_-
    I will try to take your advice, though, thank you.
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  12. RainbowCoyote

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    i don't think i mind these bubbles being burst! Thank you. (not to mention, it is kinda nice to think about how much LESS debt i'll be in haha)
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