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I know this is completely random but it's also positive and I totally wanted to share it...
Ok, if you were in chat a couple weeks ago on Friday you'll remember I was...watching...someone (Vikki in particular will remember :tongue: You came in the next few days and asked if I was doing it again :laugh: ). And so I spent awhile in a quandary like, should I do it? Shouldn't I? (and yeah, some of you may know what I mean).
And so...I did it. Today. Just finished :)
And...the response was favourable. (ha! to say the least)
I guess I'm chuffed that I got over the whole anxiety thing...and also since I don't really like myself or my body that much...

(Sorry if anyone's reading this and saying "What the hell...?" But if you know, you'll know.)
Well, I am not sure I know exactly what you are talking about. But the fact that something good happend to you, I am glad for because you are a good person. And you deserve anything and everything good that could possible happen to you.

...I wish the best for you, and hope things continually get better! ::hug::z

LMAO!!! yep me remeber :tongue: hahaha i know im a bit late but still :tongue: i only just saw this lol

lol i started laughing when i saw you mentioned my name :tongue: lol
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