effexor xr *triggering?*

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  1. hey does anyone take effexor xr? im taking it for depression, but i don't feel like it helps, but my doctor just keeps raising the dosage...i've been on lexapro, celexa, trazodone, and prozac...i overdosed on a combination one time, anyways i don't know....i just get a lot of headaches and i'm not much of a talker (so psychotherapy doesn't work for me)...i pretty much have no one to really turn to...and i have to hold in all the pain because my mom says that i'm causing the ret of the family depression too. i can't cut or anything either because they check me all the time *sigh* do you guys think there's a cure out there? cuz it sure would suck to live like this for the rest of my life.
  2. Nothing really helped me either. I've been on zoloft then prosac(that was horrible) then trazadone. Paxil was the most effective but I wasn't getting it from a doctor + lexapro I didn't give enough time. That's the catch-it takes time-and every different antidepressant takes a different amount of time depending on the person & the severity of the depression. How long did you give XR & your current dosage? If it's been awhile & still not working tell your doc you'd like another to try. Most likely there is one that will work on you.
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    I HATE effexor. It's probably the reason I was diagnosed bipolar and later schizoaffective. It made me "manic," as the shrinks called it, but it felt "psychotic" to me. I was totally dellusional, thinking I was other people. I was in one place, then suddenly in another, without knowing how I got there.

    On the other hand, it turned out to be a miracle drug for a friend of mine.

    Although it wasn't effexor "xr," which might make a slight difference.
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    i took effexor xr and it didn't do anything for me either. being as medication doesn't seem to be working for ya how about looking into ECT. that's what i'm doing now and it is helping far far more than any medication ever did. worth lookin' into. mind u it does have a negative effect on memory, but there is one way of doing it which leaves it with a minimal effect on the memory. just a thought. please take care.
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    Effexor worked ok for me, but had too many annoying side effects. Plus it took nearly 3 months for it to do it's job. Before that it was like riding a roller coaster, feel good, feel bad, feel dizzy, feel good, etc.

    And the XR's difference is that it's a slow release, so you just have to remember 1 pill a day.