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I was on it from December 2010 to February 2011. It did not help me any; the psychiatrist at the psych hospital I was at took me off it (I weaned off it slowly). It also did not lead to any noticeable side effects other than possibly weight gain (which could have been a result of taking two other medicines I was on).
I've been taking it for about 2 weeks. Like does it take time for the meds to work or is it something like if it was helping I would have noticed by now?


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SSRIs can take up to six weeks before they start having an effect, I believe. Other pills can be more quick acting like Xanax.

Your doctor really should be more forthcoming with the information if he/she is prescribing for you ..... at least, I think they should. It is a duty of care.

I hope you are feeling better. If it does end up being helpful and you stay on it relatively long term then don't come off Effexor too fast (if and when you do choose to come off) it is better to taper down bit by bit rather than just stopping abruptly.

Here is a link with results from a poll of people who are taking/took Effexor the majority found it effective within one to two months:


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I am currently taking effexor and have been for about a year...it was reduced recently because it was pretty high...it does help me alot, I have other meds combine to it and they are all needed in order for me to be well...
An SSNI like Effexor takes a few weeks to have effect.

I find it helpful, but only in combination with other meds.

If I take just the Effexor bad things tend to happen.


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I've been on it for around 18 months (800mg) and it's helped me though I also take Venlafaxine and Zyprexa, no side effects except the usual weight gain though that started with the Zyprexa.
I wish I'd never got onto it, I have been able to quit any other antidepressant when i wanted but this one has serious withdrawal effects that mean i've been stuck on it for over two years.


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I have been taking this medication since 1999. I started at the lowest dose and over the years, I have had it increased a little bit more. I'm now on 300mg a day.

It's unusual for an antidepressant to be helpful for a person this long. I hate think about the day it may no longer work for me.
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