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I have nothing to hide, I can be completely honest with myself, my family and even strangers....

I am not a man with a massive ego... Some egoists on the other hand will only tell the truth if it serves some beneficial purpose to themselves. It's all about manipulating the situation and making themselves appear as good and as innocent as possible, or avoiding any harm. It's selfish...

I'm certainly not a saint I've made quite a few mistakes but at least I can own up to them and not beat around the bush with lies and deception... I'm like Jim Carey from the movie Liar Liar I'm bound to tell the truth haha...

Egoism, like altruism, is a consequentialist ethics: the ends justify the means. For Toms Shoes, that means, were an egoist at the company’s helm, he’d have no scruples about lying all day long; there’d be no problem with smiling and insisting that the reason Toms Shoes exists is to generate charitable shoe donations to the poor. All that matters for the egoist is that the lie works, that it serves the goal of making Toms as profitable as possible. If it does, then deviating from the truth becomes the ethically recommendable route to follow.
Jung comments on this resistance to self-reflection and endless cycle of self- deception by saying "Hysterical self-deceivers, and ordinary ones too, have at all times understood the art of misusing everything so as to avoid the demands and duties of life, and above all to shirk the duty of confronting themselves. They pretend to be seekers after God in order not to have to face the truth that they are ordinary egoists."

To quote Jung, "Nothing has such a convincing effect as a lie one invents and believes oneself, or an evil deed or intention whose righteousness one regards as self-evident…..things only become dangerous when the pathological liar is taken seriously by a wider public.

An evil deed or intention whose righteousness one regards as self-evident now that's some scary grounds...
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