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Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by LeaveMeAlone, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. LeaveMeAlone

    LeaveMeAlone Well-Known Member

    i kinda have a strong urge to piss someone off right now, no paticular person and not for any paticular reason, i just wanna piss someone off.

    how fucked up is that?
  2. Jess

    Jess Guest

    It's not as fucked as you think. It's taking the anger you might have for someone else, and turning it else where.. something like that

    :hug: sorry though, am here if you want an ear or just a hug
  3. Jenny

    Jenny Staff Alumni

    I don't think it's f*cked up either.. i often feel like having an argument with someone. I normally choose the people i love the most, and pick at something small until it blows up in to a big argument!

    After attending a course on Transactional Analysis though, it could be because i need "strokes". TA says that everyone needs strokes in life.. strokes are kinda like, units of attention i guess. There are positive and negative strokes. And different strokes have different weightings.

    E.g. passing someone in the street and smiling may be 1 positive stroke. Whereas being in an emotionally intimate conversation with someone, could be say, 10 positive strokes.

    According to TA people learn to adapt and get their 'strokes' however they can. And if it is not possible to receive positive strokes at a certain time, someone may go for the negative strokes instead.

    And this falls well with my reasoning as to why I sometimes pick arguments with people. Not saying it's the same for you.. but it may be worth some thought? (that is, if any of that made sense lol)

    Hope you're doing ok today
    Jenny x
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.