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    I'm to depressed to come up with a title for this. Thats how sorry I am. I'll begin this by saying that all I've been wanting to do is lay in my bed and sleep. I can't even talk to friends anymore without passing out or zoning away from the conversation. I can't think straight, can't answer simple questions, can't follow directions, can't remember stuff, its like my mind is shutting down. All I wanna do is SLEEP. I'm so fuckin' miserable if I'm away from my bed now. I've been like this since I had my breakdown at school last week. I'm gonna start seeing a psychiatrist and stuff soon, but I can't even speak hardly. Its so aggravating. I feel like a rock. I really do! I strain to think now and get killer migranes. What the hell has happened to me.. Even typing this gave me a killer migrane cause I had to think. ugggghhhh.......... Has anybody else ever felt like their mind is shutting down? v_v
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    Many times i ahve felt this way In the depth of depression that is what your mind does shuts down to evade the sadness and pain If it gets too much to handle call and see if yu can get earlier pdoc appt or call crisis line or go into hospital okay. I am sorry you are suffering so much but please reach out okay to coucilor at your school your family doctors anyone don't isolate okay try to get outside some hugs
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    There really isn't anything I can do. My parents are so busy with other stuff and don't like for me to get in the way.