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  1. eih

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    how the hell do I even suppose to bring it up with my dad anymore, he's been... sorta ... 'better' this last year or so. I don't trust him ... still.. I feel horrible.. why can't I just get over it.. it wasnt that bad... I don't blame him for getting so mad.. I'm a horrible excuse for a daughter... I deserved it.. I must make his life hell... now I'm such a horrible person I can't even get past what happened like a year ago... I hate this... I guess I shouldnt bring it up with him.. he doesnt even know it effects me... how would that not effect anyone.. god.. stupid. sorry for the rambling.. I doubt it makes much sense..
  2. Hazel

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    Rambling is good, it allows us to express our innermost feelings, which is sometimes impossible to do any other way.
    The pain you are feeling is very obvious plus the fact you are blaming yourself for something which I doubt very much is your fault.
    One thing I can say is that if u were a "horrible excuse for a daughter"
    you would not be feeling the way you are now.
    Are you having any help with this? Take care.
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