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  1. pooky

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    I just want to say that I either want to live my life to the fullest - be 'highly' successful, be peaceful and happy, have a career and a stable relationship, be around family and good friends or the other side of it - completely forgotten, in short dead. I am leaning on the former choice.

    I can't lead a mediocre life of being no one, below average any longer. I have decided to either reach the top of the food chain or perish in isolation. Mediocre life sucks for me.

    Since, I am leaning for the former choice, that is give my best and be the best, I need YOUR help to achieve my dream.

    So, firstly how do I STOP <mod edit - not appropriate>

    Secondly, how to STOP internet addiction?

    I have decided to delete my facebook account permanently. I will also delete whattsapp account.

    But how to stop myself from surfing porn. I need your help.

    Thirdly, how to trust my girl completely?

    I am in a relationship for 14 months. Whenever, she talks to men face to face, or on facebook/whattsapp I become scared that she will leave me although she has promised that she will never do that.

    How can I TRUST her completely? Please help me.

    Fourthly, how can I start exercising and eat healthy?

    That's all I want from you people. I want you all to give me some PRACTICAL tips to DESTROY my problems and replace them with healthy habits.

    Guys, I need your help.:(I am a pathetic piece of trash. I KNOW THAT.
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  2. SillyOldBear

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    Hi Pooky. My first suggestion would be to try and be reasonable in your goals. There are very few Albert Einsteins, Abraham Lincolns, Bill Gates, etc in this world. The reality is that most of us do not climb to great heights. We have to set attainable goals and constantly reevaluate them as life proceeds. As things change in life, such as age, finances, health, maybe having a child, our goals must also change. Please be reasonable in what you expect out of yourself and life. Jobs will have their ups and downs, friends will come and go and even stable relationships will hit hard times once in a while.

    Good move dumping Facebook. So much is revealed there. Some people even broadcast when they are going on vacation. What a great opportunity that creates for the burglars!

    I have never surfed porn. But I would suggest that you keep your girlfriend in mind. You want her to trust you. Is not surfing for porn a violation of your trust in her and her trust in you. Perhaps you should make a commitment to her to stop surfing porn. That could help you stop. And increase the trust between both of you. Share with her again your concern about her talking to other men. But remember, half the people on the earth are men. As a result, she will always be talking to them. Hopefully, better communication, and time will convince you that she is not going to leave you. Have you considered asking her to make a lifetime commitment to you? Are you willing to make one to her?

    Exercise and food. Heck, if you come up with a way to deal with that; please let me know!

    By the way. You are NOT a pathetic piece of trash. I KNOW that because you are still here, seeking answers and trying. My best to you.
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