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    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) is the radiation surrounding all electrical appliances in the home, home wiring- especially dimmer switches, high tension power lines, cell and cordless home phones even compact fluorescent lightbulbs. There is strong evidence for increased cancer risk and belief that chronic exposure to significant "electrosmog" impairs immune function and in people with electrical hypersensitivity (EHS approx 3% of the population) causes ailments like fatigue, dizziness, digestive problems and tinnitus.

    France, Germany and England have been dismantling wireless networks in schools and public libraries over the past two years, Israel has banned the placement of cellular antennae on residences and the Russian government has strongly advised against children under 18 using cell phones.

    :eek:hmy: What can you personally do to lower your exposure to EMFs? Try to have wired internet access (if you have WiFi, disconnect when sleeping) avoid installing or using dimmer switches, use LED or incandescent lightbulbs, keep your bed away from circuit breaker panels, try to use a less convenient but much safer corded home phone and use the speakerphone feature more often with your cell phone. Another cell phone recommendation I recently read about is a hollow cord wired headset but when I asked for one at Best Buy I was told they are not yet readily available. Take care :arms:.
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    It has been proven again and again that EMFs are harmless... The entire planet emits EMFs, they cannot be avoided. Every electronic appliance emits them, they are everywhere.
    And they most certainly do NOT significantly increase your risk of getting cancer. Visit the ACS's website if you do not believe me.

    I don't want to shit all over your thread, but I also don't want people worrying obsessively about something like this.