Elephants and us

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This is a moving article about the intimate relationships within elephant communities... and how the elephant psyche can be destroyed by painful experiences and family tragedies.

It will make you sad, angry, and hopeful at times. Knowing elephants suffer emotionally like we do tears me apart, but somehow it helps me to understand why I feel the way I do.

You'll have to sign up for NY Times if you're not already but it's easy and worth it...



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I have that article - I emailed it to myself as I subscribe to the Times and get it everyday in email and the hard copy on Sunday. The article you speak of was in last Sunday's NY Times magazine: October 8th. Well worth the read, but, as you say, very depressing.:sad: We homo sapiens are an arrogant bunch, aren't we? I think it is more accurate to call our species "homo sordida" "man the filthy".:dry:

arrogant is right. we can be so cruel. how can you brutally murder the mother and father of an elephant calf just to make a few bucks. No empathy, no remorse,... just greed and evil. It's sickening.

thanks for the comment, it's good to hear from someone on this article.
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