Elevators and rude people

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    I just need to let some steam out (well more than I already did while writing complaints to the relevant people)...

    I am unfortunate enough to have an 'invisible' handicap... (untreated scoliosis)... which among many other things means that stairs are my enemy... it causes me a lot of pain and I'm so, so scared of falling because of my screwed balance. And the pain isn't just over once I leave the stairs... it lasts the entire day, adding to my chronic pain.

    Sunday I was going home from a lovely weekend with my friend and some of her friends, by train... there 2 elevators were out of service, meaning I was forced to use the stairs... which I did.

    Today I took a shortcut home from the store that lead me through the train station... I figured by now they must have fixed the elevator... I mean, there's people in wheelchairs and people with prams who need to use them. Well... I was being stupid.

    So yeah... I staggered down the stairs, carrying heavy groceries... I was about to cry from pain at that point, but I kept a brave face.

    I went to the kiosk, I know they aren't officially connected to the station (they just have their shop in the station building and sell tickets...) and I told the girl there about the elevator. She didn't seem impressed, even if I mentioned that it was very 'inconvenient' for handicapped people... she then spotted a man in an orange suit and told me to run after me.

    I'm sorry? RUN? I could barely walk. I had hoped at least she could take a message or something... but nope...

    I went home, fuming and hurting... opened my laptop and wrote two complaints... one to the train company and another to the kiosk.

    I mean, WTF, for at least 4 days the elevator has been out of service. There was no notes anywhere saying it was out of order, so for all I know no one is fixing it.

    I am lucky, despite the pain, that I could make it down the stairs. But a person in a wheelchair will be caught there.

    I am so sick of this.

    And also... another thing I am sick of is the looks people give me when I go for an elevator at all... I weigh a bit too much, but the truth is even if I was skinny I'd still have pains (yes, maybe a little less, but still)... and it's very hard to exercise with this condition, the only exercise I'm allowed is walking... and even that hurts.
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    Hey there my friend, the world has become a stressful and uncaring place these days. I think back to when I was younger it don't remember it being like this(or maybe my perception was different) it just seemed that people took more time to care for others. Or maybe the fact I grew up in a small town in Scotland. Maybe it was the fact that we took time to actually talk face to face with others instead of through technology, I don't know. Anyway, I don't have any words of wisdom for you just wanted to say I'm sorry for how this made you feel. Bless you my friend and hope the rest of the day gets better for you.
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    What rude people!! These days only a rare person actually gives a damn about another person. I'm sorry you've had to deal with this nonsense. I hope you feel a bit better now that you have wrote it all out. ((hugs))
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    That is awful, what you have to go through. 4 days is a long time for the elevators to be broken but no one cares. They don't care about your back problems and they don't care that you have to carry groceries. It sucks.
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    Thanks for the support!

    I feel a bit bad today... I know it was right to make them aware of this, I mean handicap rights and all... but I just got an email that they had talked to the girl in the shop about what they expect of their employers. I bet that wasn't fun for her...