Embarrassed by an idiot

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  1. Okay, let me start off with this..

    I went to the public library to do some research for my school assignment. As I was walking past the security guard who obviously is an idiot with her insensitive and stupid remarks about why I am carrying a messenger bag with a small pelican case attached on the sling. I opened up the case for her inspection and it was sooo obvious those were blue salbutamol/albuterol inhalers (my rescue medication - 2 inhalers). The brainless guard asked me with such a loud voice almost amounting to a shout as in what are the 2 blue items in the case and what are they for. Note that there was a queue behind me and this stupid guard has never seen an Asthma Inhaler before or she must be trying to embarrass me. I have told her what the blue items were and explained in the most layman method (treating her as if she is illiterate and brainless). Again she asked why I need them for. What the Fuck!!! Arggg!!!

    I just grabbed my messenger bag and pushed past the stupid guard and told her to get her superiors to talk to me if she is not very happy I have not explained those blue inhalers to her in the way she has wanted and I am severely pissed off with her stupidity or plain insensitive attitude or just trying to embarrass me publicly.

    The idiot guard used her Walkie talkie to message her ops room and told them that there is a wheeze ball trying to create trouble in the library.

    So.. She can call me names like wheeze ball and yet she doesn't know what those blue inhalers were. What the fuck indeed!! I am going to submit an official email to their dept head about her unprofessional attitude.

    It's as if I am not embarrassed using my asthma inhalers in public. She doesn't need to humiliate me with name calling and asking me so loud what are those blue items. Why don't she ask me what color panties I wore inside my jeans? Perhaps, I will give her a very cheeky answer.
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    What an idiot. I would be sooooo mad if that were me. I'm not surprise you want to submit a complaint, I would too. Seems like there are idiots in the world, don't let it bother you hun cause you are 10x better than that guard.