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    I don't know what to do, I hate people constantly asking if I am pregnant. I have an inflamed stomach all the time basically my stomach is not in proportion with the rest of my body, my stomach is huge. My legs are an average size.

    Let's say...3 years ago I would have been considered very thin and my stomach was normal, I then took an OD which nearly killed me it put me in ICU. A few days after I came out of ICU my stomach really blew up and I was put into the hospital, I believe they treated me badly and not seriously enough because I had done it to myself.

    Ever since I've had stomach problems, my doctor told me weeks ago that I have inflammatory bowel disease. I lived on coca cola all the 3 years I lived in the city and with the combination of meds too I gained a LOT of weight very fast..

    I stopped the fizzy drinks I joined Unislim last May and lost 3 stone, I have put some weight back on, I've lost 20lbs in total now. My stomach is the issue, I don't care about the rest of my body, my stomach is where most of the weight lies. It's embarrassing, I get asked if I'm pregnant all the time and it is hitting my confidence and anxiety levels. REALLY mortifying ....when I'm thinking no I'm just fat. I don't wish to share what weight I am but I am a good bit overweight now and it's getting me down.

    Strange thing is when I was very thin a few years ago, I wasn't happy with my body then either. I'd rather that than this though. I don't even know what I expect anyone to say I just needed to share this.
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    So sorry to hear about your stomach woes. I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome after a hysterectomy in 2012. But it does not increase my tummy size much. It just increases the amount of toilet paper I use, along with the extra trips to the bathroom.

    I am short. And have always been fat. I have some pretty significant body image problems too. My parents kept trying to bribe me to lose weight. They meant the best. But I took it that I was unacceptable and still feel that way. That is probably why I have never bothered with makeup and fancy clothing. I long ago decided it was worthless.

    But I am able to somewhat hide my stomach size by wearing looser clothing. I am also well endowed topside (I have great twin peaks) and that helps hide my stomach size. Have you tried different clothing to make yours less obvious. And I think you said that your doctor actually notice the increased size of your tummy. No that he/she knows about are they able to do anything to help? Meanwhile, do congratulate yourself on what you have accomplished. You have lost a lot of weight. Be proud of yourself for that accomplishment.
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    Thank you for your understanding and kindness!!

    Again today, my stomach was very bloated (and painful) and I felt I was carrying around triplets and looked it too. I have done a lot of shopping recently, I told the foreign woman(worker) I was pregnant, she couldn't speak english well and it was just easier and less embarrassing to say I was. I got some long tops that are not clingy, they are helping in a small way I just wish this could be sorted once and for all. I'm ashamed to say it and embarrassed that I am but I want to, to give you an idea...my doctor measured my stomach, it was 51 inches...bear in mind my legs aren't that big, not thin but average, maybe a small bit above average but totally not in proportion. My stomach is starting to hang down! Ugh I never thought I'd let myself go. I know I can only control some of it but even that isn't going well.I've gone back on fizzy drinks for comfort.

    -Yeah I am happy with the 20lbs I have lost. I'm thinking of adding in some exercise into my life (I went for a 40 min walk yesterday) I felt so good after it.

    I'm really sorry about your body issues too and the IBS..that's painful, it's not nice to have to deal with but I am sure you realize now that you aren't alone :(
  4. Petal

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    Have just eaten a portion of wholemeal rice, carrots, broccoli, lots of mushrooms with a hot pepper sauce. I didn't have any protein 'cos I wasn't feeling up to eat roast beef so I will have some for supper maybe some eggs. Lots of water too. Feel great :)
  5. SillyOldBear

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    Wow, 51 inches. I had no idea. Isn't there something the doctors can do? Could you try a different doctor? I am sure you have googled everything. I wish I could wave away the embarrassment for you. After all, it is not your fault. My stomach droops too. But it is because I am fat and overeat and am old. Things just sag when you are old! But I saw your picture and you are a beautiful young woman. I can only imagine how distressing your stomach must be. I hope the looser garments will help at least a little bit. It does not sound to me like you have let yourself go. But that you have been placed in a situation where you just don't have much control.

    Just remember how precious you are and keep up the fight.

  6. Twocky61

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    I feel I have to endorse what SillyOldBear says Petal, as I fit her description too (SillyOldBear? Not silly at all, as she(?) has made some very valid points)

  7. DrownedFishOnFire

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    I love my fizzy drink. But it's all zero calories because it's diet coke or diet squirt etc. that's my only fluid intake most days.

    What about trying diet drinks if you don't mind the fake sugar as some can be scared of what's in diet drink but it's no different than regular pop as has all bad stuff in it too.

    Keep up the good work losing weight, US is full of big people of all sizes and shapes and Im overweight myself working on losing weight also.

    What about wearing maternity clothes if you're ok in leg/arm department they look cute/cool nowadays and sound a lot more comfortable for your stomach ? It might help cover/conceal the bump better than other clothes.
  8. Petal

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    Oh wow, somehow I missed my own thread. Thank you all. I know Barb, 51 inches is quite big, the good news (if there is any) is that I'm inflamed, it's not from over eating. I try and stay on top of my diet, like right now for example there is no way its 51 inches, not inflamed today, its smaller than it was the other day. I have bought clothes to hide the tummy and it works but I still often get asked if I am pregnant its humiliating.

    The doctor tells me to drink barley water, water, and if I want a fizzy drink to keep it to a minimum and eat lots of healthy food in general. My doctor recommended that I get one of those (I don't know what they are called), an item of clothing to hold in the tummy, we will just wait and see what happens. I do drink zero orange too (no sugar,cals etc..). I'm fine in leg/arm department so I guess maternity clothes is not a bad idea. Thank you so much.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!
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    Hi Petal

    I'm sorry to hear about your problems. I hope and know you will get things under control again. I'm an IBD patient, I have a very difficult case of ulcerative colitis. So I know a lot about bowel problems and stomach bloating. Diet is the main thing, I basically have every possible medicine at max. dosages, even with them, the inflammation won't be controlled without a strict diet. Gastro docs admit that diet has some kind of effect, but for example, SCD diet is an approved form of treatment in some countries.

    Functional medicine doctors are pretty much the only ones that have a clue about how different foods affect you, academic medicine doctors don't really approve what they are saying, as it's a relatively new thing. Even though more doctors are converting to it. Many people have food allergies that cannot be diagnosed, because the test, the functional medicine doctors use, are usually not approved by the public health care. There are exceptions though, some countries will knowledge and approve the results of them. I have seen people close to me, suffer from all kinds of stomach/bowel problems that have diminished after changing the diet.

    I personally have tried just about everything there is to try to deal with the IBD problems, all kinds of diet and elimination of the problematic foods, probiotics, supplements etc. If you want, I could give you some tips and advice you might want to try and maybe even find helpful?
  10. Petal

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    Hi jp...thank you so much for responding to my thread with such informative information. I'm sorry it has to be under the circumstance that we are both ill though. I would LOVE some tips and advice from a fellow sufferer of IBD. Thank you :)
  11. Petal

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    Also if possible, if you could give me a best foods/worst foods list, that would be awesome :)